James Brown, the self-acclaimed princess of Africa, is depressed by the leaked tape

James Brown, the famous stylist and “Princess of Africa”, is “sad” and “depressed” after his leaked sex tape went viral on many social media platforms. The Nigerian internet personality has expressed her grief on Instagram after a video of the two having sex with a woman went viral.

James can’t sleep since the scandal…

On Monday, a leaked sex tape of famous crossover man James Brown went viral on Twitter. It turns out that the tape was leaked via Snapchat, revealing that James was having sex with an unidentified lady. On Tuesday (October 10), James took to his Twitter page and told his fans that he was “sad” and “depressed” by the scandal.

The Nigerian hardliner, known as WF James Brown, claimed he was unable to sleep properly after his leaked sex tape went viral. He wrote, “For the first time in a long time, I’m sad and depressed. I’m feeling down and tired. Is that how you feel?” Well James asks Kim, because she’ll tell you all the positive things about dealing with a sex tape.

In a series of tweets, he asked his fans how they would feel when someone’s bedroom video was leaked. However, on Instagram, James expressed his anger by protesting against critics who question his manhood. He added that they should bring their sisters and girlfriends as evidence if they need one.

In the Instagram video, James can be heard saying, “Do you know one thing you guys don’t understand? I said I had a girlfriend, and you guys didn’t believe me. Don’t I look man enough? TRene, bring your girlfriend and let me handle her front and back.”

More on James Brown…

James Brown is a Nigerian Internet personality, dancer and hardcore, who rose to fame in 2018 after a video of him making fun of the police went viral. In the video, James is heard saying, “They didn’t catch me,” after his arrest. Unfortunately, James was arrested along with 46 others for being gay. He spent more than a month in Ikoyi Correctionalacility.

If you weren’t aware, in 2019, forty-seven men were on trial in Nigeria for “public displays of affection with members of the same sex”, an offense punishable by 10 years in prison in the country. The arrest was made after a police raid in Lagos in 2018, where James was also present. The case was later dismissed, but everyone pleaded “not guilty” at a hearing.

Last year, James Brown created his song “Hey Dulings,” a popular phrase he often uses to address his fans on social media. Last month, James revealed in an interview that being hard-core doesn’t define who he is.

“I wouldn’t say[cross-dressing]isn’t my lifestyle, it’s definitely a hustle. Before, I used to say, ‘Oh, that’s not my lifestyle, so I dress like a guy at home. Now, I don’t dress like a guy,'” he said. As for his leaked sex tape, I’d say, as a Nigerian, James has already had enough shock about his sexuality, so we can understand how he feels now.