Noiomasak reflects on ‘The Ups and Downs’ on her 35th birthday

Noi Phommasak is looking forward to her 35th year. Image Credit: Lifetime

Noiomasak He recently celebrated his 35th birthday with a thoughtful position.

The MAFS star has opened up about the ups and downs she experienced at age 34 and expressed hope for a new chapter.

Noe was introduced to fans on Married atirst Sight Season 14, where she was paired with Steve Moy.

Steve and Noe professed their love for each other throughout the season and agreed to remain married on the day of the decision.

However, after the season ended, Steve and Noe took to social media to announce their divorce and had a chaotic online exchange.

Noe’s divorce was one of the challenges mentioned in her recent birthday post.

Noi Phommasak ‘Ready for all my blessings’ after a challenging year

On Instagram, Noe shared a compilation video of moments from her life, including traveling, swimming, and jumping in mini dresses and bikinis.

Noe began commenting on this post: “The year 34 was filled with heartbreak, loss, challenges, and some hard times. It has also been a year of magic, wonders, adventure and love from the most surprising places. I got married, divorced and lost the love of my life this year. There have been ups and downs and many more. And many declines. Even when I thought I was irreparably broken, I was given the grace and strength to persevere.”

Noe has stated that she still believes in righteousness and that she is destined to be more than just suffering. At the age of 34, Noe felt she had learned to choose herself and trust her intuition, and said she had “never felt so powerful and so peaceful that my life unfolded the way it was supposed to.”

After expressing her gratitude for the lessons she’s learned, Noe writes that she’s ready to receive all the blessings she’s been given and hopes to be a beautiful 35.

Noiomasak is still friends with her MAFS co-stars

While Noe and Steve seem to be separated, Noe has maintained his friendship with different wives from Married atirst Sight Season 14.

Noe and Alyssa often hang out together. The couple enjoyed sunbathing in a swimsuit during several summer outings.

Noe still too She communicates with Yasmina Awtar and Katina Judd.

All of MAFS’s marriages of Yasmina, Alyssa, and Nouwe ended in divorce, along with co-star Lindsay Gorguilis, who divorced MAFS husband Mark Maher.

Katina Judd’s marriage to Olajuwon Dickerson is still going strong, making them the only permanent pair on her season in Boston.

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