Who is Venetria? Kanye West snapped with her ex-boyfriend at the Beverly Hills Hotel

Looks like Kanye West and his ex-Venetria are hanging out again! The exes who pulled the plug on their relationship in 2021 recently broke up in public together.

For those of you who don’t know, let’s tell you, Ye and Vinetria were once an item. Keep reading to find out more about Kanye’s ex-girlfriend Venetria and find out all the details about the pair’s latest outing.

All about the latest outing from Kanye West and Vinetria

not so long ago, flashing lights The rapper and the model have been spotted together in public. The two were photographed through the dots while standing in and out of a hotel in Beverly Hills, California.

Their recent outing saw the light of the day almost two days after the Yeezy designer praised the model on social media. or the outing, Kanye known as “Ye” opted for a gray leather jacket, black pants, and a black baseball cap. On the other hand, when we talk about Venetria, she was wearing a black jacket and baseball cap.

As of this moment, it is unknown if Kanye and Venetria are staying at the hotel together or not. Close sources said Hollywood Livethat the pair seemed close as they roamed the site and appeared to be checking in.

At one point in time, both Kanye and Venetria had big smiles on their faces. It seemed like they were very comfortable in each other’s company. The pair’s last outing took place on the same day Kanye made headlines for his rant on Instagram.

You have even been banned from the social media platform Instagram for violating its policies. In addition, he has also been suspended from the micro-blogging site Twitter for the same reason.

Here’s everything you need to know about Vinetria

Vinetria is a model by profession. At this point, I signed with Public Image Management. According to the agency’s website, the model’s height is five feet nine inches. Her natural eye color is green and her hair is dark brown.

Venetria hails from California. She grew up in California and still calls the Golden State her home. To date, the model has appeared in many haute couture photos. Apart from this, she has kept her private life out of the spotlight.

Does Vinetria have an Instagram profile?

The answer to the above question is a big yes. Like most models in the entertainment industry, Vinetria also has a profile on the social media platform Instagram. The model has a decent fan following on the social media platform Instagram.

As of now, Vinetrai has more than 460 thousand followers on Instagram. Her Instagram feed has 166 posts. Her Instagram bio reads, “There’s an old Tennessee adage that I know is in Texas, probably in Tennessee.”

When we scrolled through Vinetria’s Instagram feed, we found amazing photos of her from professional photo shoots, a few snapshots from her travels around the world, and some photos of her with her close friends and family members.

At one point, the model called social media a “disease”. In October 2019, she took to her Instagram Story and wrote, “Stop using Instagram to compare your life to the lives of others that you have only seen on Instagram.” She even shares some unfiltered glimpses of her daily life on the social media platform Twitter as well.

Looks like Venetria is a Kardashian fan

Nearly two days after Kim’s sister, Kourtney Kardashian, announced her engagement to Blink-182 drummer Travis Parker in October 2021. Vineteria tweeted that she was “so happy for Kourtney Kardashian.” Earlier that month, the model re-shared a photo of Kourtney and Travis under the Eiffel Tower. She simply captioned the snap with a crying emoji.

Venetria may not be a fan of Kylie’s lover Travis Scott. In January 2020, she took to her Instagram and wrote, “Travis Scott is annoying.” As of now, it is not known if Venetria has met any members of the Kardashian clan yet.

Venice loves music

When we reviewed Vinetria’s Instagram feed, we found many references to her favorite singers like Bob Marley, Nicki Minaj, and Adele. In October 2021, she posted the lyrics to a codec, which could be a reference to her romance with Kanye West.

“I’m so unbelievably obsessed with you,” Vineteria wrote along with a link to the Central C song. obsessed with you.

When did Venetria and Kanye raise dating rumors?

Yi and Venetria sparked dating rumors in 2021. In November 2021, he released good morning The rapper was seen with a beautiful brunette at a basketball match. Back in the day, the two were photographed together at Ye’s Donda Academy at their first basketball game in Minneapolis.

For the outing, Venetria chose an all-black set. She was wearing a jacket and jeans. Kanye wore a leather jacket with sleeves and jeans.

Sources close at the time said page six, The two have been “connecting… for a while now.” The post also went on to say that the model was in Miami with the rapper when she recorded drink chimpanzees Audio notation.

Venetria attended Kanye West services on Sunday

In the past, Vinetria celebrated its presence at Kanye West services on Sundays. If you’re going to browse through her Instagram story highlights, you’ll find a short clip of young children in all-white outfits performing at Kanye’s Sunday Service.

As of now, it’s not clear when she attended Kanye’s Sunday services, but it looks like she had a good time while attending Sunday’s services. She simply captioned the clip with an angel emoji.

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