Honeymoon Punjabi Movie 2022 Release Date, Plot Story, Cast List, Trailer, Director

The Punjabi film Honeymoon, starring Jebbi Grewal and Jasmine Bassin, will open in theaters on October 25, according to the film’s producers, who announced on Saturday, to learn more about its release date.

The trailer for the eagerly awaited Punjabi movie ‘Honeymoon’ is finally available. Gippy Grewal and Jasmine Bhasin are ready to entertain you and take their fans on a “funny moon”.

The film is produced by Bhushan Kumar, Harman Baoja, Krishan Kumar and Vicky Bahri and directed by Amarpreet JS Chhabra.

Honeymoon Punjabi Movie 2022, Release Date, Plot Story, Cast List, Trailer & Director

According to reviews, the family drama “Honeymoon” is interesting and interesting to watch. Comedy dramas will undoubtedly be entertaining to watch, whether it be because of the chemistry between Jebbi Grewal and Jasmine Bassin or the plot.

Gippy Grewal and Jasmin Bhasin play the lead roles in Honeymoon, which also features an impressive lineup of Punjabi performers, including Karamjit Anmol, Sardar Sohi, Harby Sangha and Nirmal Rishi.

Honeymoon movie release date

October is full of entertainment and drama. The movie is set to premiere on October 25, 2022. The hilarious comedy and charming romantic scenes of the Diwali scene keep the audience in a state of anticipation. ilming began in January 2022, and the Punjab schedule has caused a lot of interest online. The upcoming comedy-drama starring Gibby and Jasmine, revolves around the story of a married couple named Deb and Sokh who want to go on a honeymoon.

While Sonam Bajwa, Pino Dhillon, Gurpreet Goji and Karamjit Anmol are among the other cast to have appeared in Jeep Grewal’s current project, “Kari On Jata 3”, Jeppe Grewal is also the director.

All about the movie

On Diwali 2022, Gippy Grewal Honeymoon is scheduled to be shown in cinemas. Jasmine Basin makes her debut in the world of Punjabi cinema with this movie as well. The artists are really happy and have informed the fans about the conclusion of filming.

However, recently, another issue has gained attention. Jasmine Bassin will make her film debut, although other artists have also appeared. It is none other than Janie, the lyrical maestro. Yes, Janie will soon appear on his honeymoon. He has already cemented his place in the hearts of fans with his amazing melodies and vocals.

The news was shared by the film’s screenwriter, Naresh Kathuria, who gave it a fun explanation. “Giddarbaha wale.. first time we meet in Punjabi movie.” Although the artist has already appeared in Section 2 of Ggdeep Seydoux. And the fact that he didn’t participate so many times on screen, his presence added soul to the narrative. Although Kathuria did not reveal much about Janie. This information is more than enough to get fans excited about watching “Honeymoon.”