GOP Candidate Promises ‘Real Options,’ Pledges to Support Abortion Ban – Rolling Stone

Lake Cary, The Republican candidate for governor of Arizona, said she wants to give women “real choices” when it comes to abortion — right before she pledges to support the state’s abortion ban.

“We need to draw the line somewhere,” the candidate said during his CBS appearance. face the nation.

“We don’t give women choices,” Lake told leading host Garrett. “I’m to give women real options. And when they go to an abortion center, they’re only given one choice. And they’re not told you have a choice to keep your baby, and we can help you and here’s how. Or we can help you find a loving family who will adopt your baby. I want to give the woman real options.” I will uphold the law, whatever that law is. And I want to make sure we save more lives.”

Currently, two abortion bans are on the books in Arizona, and Lake has promised that she will support whichever the court decides takes precedence. One is current Governor Doug Ducey’s recently signed law banning abortion after 15 weeks, and the other is a near-total ban on abortion as of 1864. Both allow exceptions only to save the life of a pregnant woman, but not in cases of rape or incest. Nineteenth-century law also states that abortion providers can be punished with up to five years in prison, while Ducey Act imposes a sixth-degree felony on abortion providers and suspends their medical license if they violate the prohibition. riday, a The Court of Appeal issued a moratorium on the landmark law as an appeal from Planned Parenthood in Arizona makes its way through the judicial system.

Previously, lake Praised the Civil War era ban As a “great law,” she has endorsed a six-week abortion ban in Texas, saying she would sign a similar bill in a “heartbeat” if she became Arizona’s governor.

During the Sunday interviewAnd the Lake not only defended the ban, but also misrepresented her opponent’s position on abortion, claiming that Democratic candidate Katie Hobbs “is in favor of abortion until birth.” “If you’re in the hospital in labor, the abortionists give you the abortion, if you want it,” Lake said, using a favorite Republican (and Trump) talking point. Exaggerate in rare circumstances Under which miscarriages occur later in pregnancy.

In response to Lake’s assertion, Hobbs said the Republican was misinterpreting her position. In it, Hobbs said, “I am not in favor of a 15-week ban.” face the nation The interview that followed you. “But let me just say that Carrie Lake misunderstands my position on this issue. You and I both know that late miscarriages are extremely rare. And if this is being talked about, it’s because something has gone incredibly wrong with the pregnancy. A doctor wouldn’t perform an abortion in Late pregnancy just because someone decided they wanted an abortion. That’s ridiculous. And she’s saying this to distract from her incredibly extreme stance.”

Hobbs added, “Under the Carrie Lake administration, we had a mandate from the government for forced deliveries that risked women’s lives…Under its management, women wouldn’t be safe.”