5 Most Selected League of Legends Champions in Professional Play in 2022

league of legends It is a competitive game where periodic updates and changes always evolve the definition. While champions can become dominant at specific moments of the season, others have remained in Summoner’s Rift almost all year long.

Here are the five most-chosen champions in professional play this summer. (According to Games of Legends)

5. Zeri

Image via Riot Games

Ziri is not only one of the most blocked shots in professional play, but also the most destructive one played of the 2022 season. Since hitting public servers at the beginning of the year, Spark of Zaun has been omnipresent in the competition.

Despite the many contractions and attempts to tune in, players have always been able to find new ways to make it relevant. Her long-range poke with her W and ability to kite infinite enemies made her the best late-game carry.

Regardless of the region, Zeri was chosen or blocked for most of the season, until it was badly hit by major extinctions that rendered it obsolete before 2022. league of legends World Championship. Despite this, it still has 64 percent pick and block, according to Games of Legends, and is likely to still be above 60 percent when the season ends.

4. Nautilus

Image via Riot Games

With his strong group, the Support Champion was the most popular pick of the year. Although he was by no means the best pick for any given patch, his abilities made him the best champ when it came to getting involved and choosing around the map.

His hook or end gadgets are perfect for pinning down enemies and pairing them with the slow of E as well as rooting for his negative, Nautilus ensures you have enough crowd control. It’s exceptional when you want to play hard and look for opportunities to punish her.

However, his stats are not the best. Despite being the world’s most-chosen champion this season, he’s only had a 50 percent win rate, according to Games of Legends. The hero has obvious weaknesses and in a season that was mainly dictated by magicians, Nautilus didn’t find much success. However, he has not been affected by the balancing team and is likely to remain the most chosen support this season.

3. Vigo

Image via Riot Games

Riot Games is known for its willingness to push new champions into competitive play, and Viego was no exception. However, Viego has not had much success this year, as its win rate is the lowest among the top five, currently at 47 percent.

This is mainly because utility-based tanks and bushmen better fit this year’s definition. Viego was one of the few jungle players still relevant, and the fact that he could possess spirits and use the abilities of other heroes made him a valuable choice.

The downside to choosing Viego was the difficulty in giving him resources and moving to the late game. With the introduction of the durability patch, killing all heroes has become more and more difficult. It turned out to be a great indirect decrement for a hero like Viego, who built his power on blasting and resetting enemies. However, players still love playing it, making it one of those “permanent” heroes that people want to play even when they’re not dead.

2. jnar

Gnar from League of Legends screams in the pilot cockpit.
Image via Riot Games

Despite his reliance on changing his forms, Gnar is one of the game’s most complete and comprehensive protagonists. The yordle has both portability with its miniature shape and the ability to control crowds with its mega shape. It’s basically a bargain: you pick one hero and you get two of them.

The hero is also not difficult to pick up and master and players like to abuse enemies with the scope feature of his minifigure. Not to mention, it has a definitive game-changer with its massive shape, perfect for engaging in or just sticking around in team battles.

Besides the fact that the champ has had a few bad matches, Gnar has been a top pick of the season, especially as a blind pick.

1. Wukong

Image via Riot Games

The Monkey King is and will continue to be the iconic champion for the 2022 season. Pushed by the balance team as a jungle player, Wukong had the highest pick or ban attendance this summer, with an impressive win rate of 84% and 57%.

In meta dictated by the long battles between the two teams, bruises like Wukong are the best possible choices. It exhibits tanks, damage, and perpetuation, making it nearly impossible to kill.

Despite Riot’s intent to harm him as they did Zeri, Wukong continues to be the most famous jungle pick. Just like Xin Zhao and Lee Sin last year before them, Wukong was the jungle player of choice in 2022. Now that he’s been getting frequent slashes, Wukong’s priority has slipped. With that being said, it’s unlikely that others will replace him as the season’s best champ.