Recently viewed filming locations have been explored

It will stop at nothing to get it back.

Last Seen Alive is an action thriller about a man searching for his missing wife. The film, formerly known as Chase, continues to follow the man who takes the rule into his own hands as he searches for his missing wife.

Will Spahn’s wife mysteriously disappears at a gas station, and his massive pursuit of her leads him down a dark path that forces him to flee the authorities. The movie is already available on Netflix in the US on October 1, 2022, and is gaining popularity.

The synopsis is interesting, but the filming locations of Last Seen Alive pique our interest more.

Recently viewed filming locations have been explored

The film was produced under the title Chase and picked up by Voltage Pictures for distribution in July 2021.ilming for Last Seen Alive began in May 2021. You will be surprised to know one thing.

The movie was shot in just 8 days. The days passed that way, making a movie in 8 days is amazing. And the film’s impressive stars, Gerard Butler and Jamie Alexander, say that the majority of the scenes were improvised as a difficult task and an experiment for the performers.

The film was shot entirely in Georgia, specifically in the Savannah Metropolitan Statistical Area.

Savannah Metropolitan Statistical Area

This site is centered in Savannah, the main city in Georgia. According to the OMB, this area includes Bryan, Chatham, and Effingham counties in Georgia.

The crew of the series set up camp in Savannah, and the majority of pivotal scenes were filmed there. Georgia is a popular filming location due to the financial incentives offered by the local authorities. Another fantastic team movie, Last Seen Alive, was filmed at this location.

All about the gas station

The gas station was one of the main and most visible locations in the movie. It’s where his wife disappeared. This is Terrifying. They stopped to get gas, I went into the store to get some water, and then she was gone.

Seeing him wander the entire gas station in search of his wife is very heartbreaking. The gas station in the movie was filmed in Texaco Rincon at 1113 North Columbia Street.

According to reports, the famous Texaco star is a familiar and welcome companion for those traveling the lone and long American road.

the bridge

We see Will driving across a bridge to find Lisa and start investigating himself. The bridge is another attractive site that caught the attention of the public.

According to research, the bridge featured in the movie is the Talmadge Memorial Bridge in Savannah. The original bridge was built in 1953, and a replacement bridge, also known as the Tallmadge Memorial Bridge, was constructed in 1991.

The north end of the bridge is on Hutchinson Island, which lies between the Savannah River and the Back River.

Bloomingdale City

Let’s also talk about the police department building. Bloomingdale, a suburban town, also serves as a crucial venue, with the production company using the Police Department building for some landmarks.

Bloomingdale is a city in Chatham County, Georgia, located in the United States. It is part of the Savannah Metropolitan Statistical Area.

Wilmington Island

Finally, the camera crew visited Wilmington Island, a census-designated place about 20 minutes from Savannah. The island is also part of the Savannah metropolitan area. The communities of Wilmington Island make up a large and affluent suburb of Savannah, where the majority of the population works.

The island lies east of Savannah between the town of Thunderbolt and the beach community of Tybee Island.

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