List of Golden Trailer Prize Winners is here

We are pleased to inform you that the winners of the 22nd Annual Golden Trailer Awards have been announced. Los Angeles, California, hosted the award ceremony at the Orpheum Theatre.

On Thursday night, the 22nd Annual Golden Trailer Awards were announced, and Top Gun: Maverick dominated the competition with its outstanding performance.

Announcing the 22nd Annual Golden Trailer Awards Winners

As part of the 22nd Annual Golden Trailer Awards, the winners of the 22nd Annual Golden Trailer Awards have been announced. As part of the annual show on Thursday, October 6, 2022, Henry Chu hosted a live awards show in Los Angeles, California, and was broadcast live from Los Angeles.

During the ceremony, which took place between 7-9pm PST, all the finalists were honored for their outstanding achievements in the entertainment industry in their respective categories. Henry Cho, a former comedian who has appeared on NBC talk shows, hosted this year’s show.

We are pleased to announce that this year’s Golden Trailer Awards included 18 categories, and here are the winners in each category:

best offer Top Gun: Maverick “Back”, Paramount Pictures, AV Squad
best work Top Gun: Maverick “Back”, Paramount Pictures, AV Squad
Best Animated/Family Movie Marcel the Shell with shoes on “Remember”, A24, Grandson
best comedy The unbearable weight of the huge talent “Cage Cut”, Lionsgate films, TRANSIT
Best Documentary National Geographic Rescue, Mark Wolin & Company
best drama King Richard “Greatness”, Warner Bros., Wild Card
The best fantasy adventure Adam’s Project “Theuture”, Netflix, Trailer Park Group
Bestoreign Trailer Little Maman “Magical”, Neon, Grandson
best horror No universal pictures, Buddha Jones
best standalone pig “whistle”, neon, zealot
best music CODA “Something”, ATV + Marketing – Apple, Inc., GrandSon
Best Thriller Movie Comet “Listen”, Netflix, GrandSon
Best video game trailer The Outer Worlds 2 Xbox, Buddha Jones Goldenleece The Matrix: Resurrections, Warner Bros. , Buddha Jones
most authentic Everything everywhere at once “Fight”, A24, AV Squad
Best promotion of summer 2022 Top Gun: Maverick “Back”, Paramount Pictures, AV Squad
Best teaser The Macbeth Tragedy “Something Evil”, Apple TV +, Mark Woolen & Associates
Best Drama for a TV Series / Streaming House of the Dragon “Demolition”, HBO, JAX
Best Comedy for a TV Series / Streaming The great “war”, holo, motif

Top Gun: Maverick received the 22nd Annual Golden Trailer Awards

At the 22nd annual Golden Trailer Awards, announced Thursday night on stage in Los Angeles hosted by comedian Henry Cho, Top Gun: Maverick emerged as the night’s biggest winner.

Recognizing the best trailers and marketing for movies and TV/streaming series, including those created by talented professionals involved in the actual work, the high-flying Paramount movie won three Golden Trailer Awards.

Several notable people have presented this year’s awards, including Greg Binkley, Carlos Alazrachi, Jim Hope, Kiki Young, and Harry Payton. At the same time, the jury consisted of directors, producers, actors, writers, executives, and creative advertising professionals.

About the Golden Trailer Awards 2022

Presented by The Golden Trailer Awards, the Golden Trailer Awards honor the best in advertising and marketing for movies and TV shows. The behind-the-scenes creators who create promotions and marketing content for new movies, TV series, and streaming services were honored at the 22nd Annual Awards.

Since last year, broadcasting has grown significantly. As a result, two entirely new categories were added to Live in 2022 to recognize the contributions of these creators to the industry: Best TV Drama/Stream Series and Best TV/Live Comedy Series. or this year’s awards, content created between April 4, 2021 and May 31, 2022 is eligible for consideration.

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