Amanda Bynes has announced that she is going to cosmetology college to become a manicurist

Amanda Bynes is ready to add the word “manicure” next to her name! not so long ago, It’s the man The actress took to her Instagram page to announce that she had started a new chapter in her life.

The Hollywood star has taken a new career path. She attended cosmetology college to become a manicurist. Keep reading to learn more about the big decision that Amanda Bynes made.

Amanda Bynes attended cosmetology college to become a manicurist

Yes, you read that correctly. onriday, and what a Girl Wants The star took to Instagram to announce that she’s going to cosmetology college to become a manicurist. She made a big announcement on her Instagram story.

Amanda posted a video on her Instagram story. She simply captioned the video, “At cosmetology college to become a manicurist!” Let us tell you, you rarely post on Instagram. The entire clip showed her dressed in all black and her dark hair in a ponytail.

Shortly thereafter , Easy to The actress gave a mini class tour which looked very similar to a nail salon to her fans all over the world. Next, she gave everyone a closer look at her silver and black painted acrylic nails.

When did Amanda Bynes stop acting?

For those inexperienced, let’s tell you, Amanda Bynes made an invitation to the world of Way Back. In a 2013 tweet from her now-deleted Twitter account, she stated that acting is not her cup of tea.

At the time, Amanda tweeted, “Being an actress isn’t as fun as it might seem. If I don’t like something anymore, I stop doing it. I don’t like acting anymore, so I stopped doing it. I know 24 is too young to retire, but you I heard it here first.”

After that, it was also revealed that What I like about you The star has fallen into some legal troubles. At that point, she had to be placed under guardianship.

Why did Amanda Bynes leave Showbiz?

Later, during a 2018 interview with paper magazine, the Nickelodeon star revealed that she decided to leave Hollywood due to her struggles with self-esteem.

Amanda Bynes told the media outlet, “I literally couldn’t stand my appearance in[‘EasyA’}andtolikemyperformanceIwasabsolutelyconvincedIneededtostopactingafterseeinghim”[‘EasyA’}ولميعجبنيأدائيكنتمقتنعًاتمامًاأننيبحاجةإلىالتوقفعنالتمثيلبعدرؤيته”[‘EasyA’}andIdidn’tlikemyperformanceIwasabsolutelyconvincedIneededtostopactingafterseeingit”

After leaving acting, Bynes worked in the modeling business. In 2014, she joined theashion Institute of Design and Commerce. It was reported that she continued to go to and out of fashion school due to some mental health issues but graduated in June 2019.

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