Sarah Brightman honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk ofame

A new star on the Hollywood Walk ofame was revealed two days ago to singer Sarah Brightman.

Sarah Brightman received this honor due to her contribution to music, especially the sopranos. It is the world’s best-selling soprano. She was also a pioneer in the classic crossover movement and established the role of Kristen Day in both West End and Broadway productions of phantom of the opera.

The ceremony was held on October 6 in front of the Pantages Theater on Hollywood Boulevard. Tony Award winner Kristen Chenoweth, Emily Quacho and director Anthony Van Last attended while Brightman spoke at the gala.

Cuacho plays Dai in the Broadway production of The Phantom of the Opera, and she was the first black person to play the role. Van Last was the choreographer at the 2008 Concert Sarah Brightman: Symphony in Vienna.

The ceremony was perfectly timed six days before Brightman’s three concerts line up at the Venice Theater in Las Vegas.

About being awarded a star in the Hall ofame, Brightman said it was a “real honor”. She explained, “Especially since I’m not from America. It’s always nice when another country notices what I’ve done and wants to show their appreciation for it.”

Interestingly, Brightman said she often goes unnoticed in her home country of the United Kingdom. She revealed that she lives two parallel lives, which are two separate worlds, sort of like Miley Cyrus. In London, she does ordinary things like rides a train, runs errands and then travels to the United States where she was awarded the highest honors.

More about Brightman

Brightman has been singing and dancing since she was just three years old. Things really started happening when I became part of a dance group named Hot gossip. Brightman said she knew she had a great voice but it was too early for her so she used to train her voice through it Hot gossip.

After some time, she released two disco singles before deciding to move to musical theater. It has been cast the cats. Brightman fell in love with and married her composer, Andrew Lloyd Webber.

Weber cast her as Kristen Day in New York and London productions Phantom of the Opera. The EAA nearly barred her from taking the role because they thought she hadn’t done enough to deserve the role.

Eventually, after a compromise was made and she took on the role, it became a huge success and has played ever since. It is currently the longest running show on Broadway and will end onebruary 18, 2023.

After starring in Webber aspects of love In the early ’90s, she hasn’t starred in a musical since. It may be related to the divorce of the spouses. She focused her attention on her recording career and it paid off well.

She has single-handedly sold over 25 million albums. She is often credited with creating the classic cross-genre with proverbs jisoo pie And the Time to say goodbye.