Nick Kyrgios vs Taylorritz ATP Japan Open Tennis 2022 quarter-final schedule, date, time, prediction, head to head, odds, scores, score, tickets, live stream

A look at Nick Kyrgios vs. Taylorritz Predict the ATP Japan Open Tennis 2022 head-to-head

Nick Kyrgios and Taylorritz are set to meet each other in the final quarter-finals of the ATP Japan Open 2022.

Let’s take a look at their past performances, current look, and live recordings.

Nick Kyrgios vs Taylorritz ATP Rakuten Open Tennis 2022 Quarterfinals table, date, time, prediction, head to head, odds, scores, score, tickets and live stream

Nick Kyrgios vs Taylorritz, Japan Open 2022 H2H سجل record

place: Tokyo, Japan

cash prize: 1953,285 dollars

October 7, 2022,riday

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When is where to watch: Live broadcast and TV broadcast

USA UK India

time: 5:00 am 10:00 am 2:30 pm

Channel: Tennis Channel (USA), TSN (Canada)

Head-to-head: 1-0

In the match,ritz has a 1-0 advantage over Kyrgios. During the 2022 Western and Southern Open, he defeated them in straight sets.


Taylorritz, 24, entered the Japan Open with an ATP World Ranking 11th after having his best season to date. However, he has had trouble with his form since losing to Rafael Nadal in five sets at Wimbledon this summer. The American claimed his first win at the Masters at Indian Wells in March and his second career victory at Eastbourne International in June, but he still needs to find higher gear to compete at the absolute top of the sport.

Nick Kyrgios, the 20th-ranked player in the world, has always had that extra machine, at least in terms of skill, but until this year it looked like the Australian would never be able to use it to his full potential. His adventure began in January when he and Thanasi Kokinakis won the men’s doubles at the Australian Open, but everything changed this summer when he finished second to Novak Djokovic at Wimbledon.

The two are having a good time in Tokyo this week, but Kyrgios lost a set to Kamel Majscherzak in Thursday’s singles match, raising questions about how focused he should be on such a challenging task.

He defeatedritz Kyrgios in straight sets in their first match at the Cincinnati Open in August, making him one of the few players to have done so this year. However, revenge in this match will be motivated by Kyrgios because the third seed has so far needed three sets in both matches, indicating that he is still developing. Choose to bet on an outright winner or get Australia ready to win at least one set.

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