Mila Kunis explains why she doesn’t use social media

While Mila Kunis’ husband has been active on social media, the “Friends With Benefits” star has always maintained her decision to “stay away from social media platforms.” During her recent appearance on “The Kelly Clarkson Show,” the 39-year-old revealed the real reason behind it, and also spoke at length about “abolition of culture” and how lasting decisions transform once she’s addicted. Social media.

Kelly’s thoughts on social media?

During their conversation about Mila Kunis’ new movie, “The Lucky Girl Alive,” Mila explained her character by saying, “It’s like an internal dialogue about what the character is constantly fighting with like what’s going on inside her versus what she is projecting onto society.”

Kelly spontaneously recounted this fact on social media, saying, “What’s like social media in a nutshell.” “It’s as if what you’re putting out there has been filtered out from what’s really going on with that,” Kelly explained.

In this regard, Mila Kunis stated, “This is why I don’t use social media.” Then I asked Kelly, “Didn’t you have social media before? Kelly replied, ‘I like in the beginning, I mean, I’m like older, I’m forties…I like good wine.'” She continued, “In the beginning, because you’re in the industry Like your brand and management, everyone will motivate you to do this thing, and it’s like, OK.”

Kelly revealed that it’s great to talk to fans but also, “Someone I don’t know if people really want to know what’s really going on in your world, they want the filtered version of yourself. However, Kelly replied that it’s not like that. Kelly also said that she was shocked. Than she had a show to run in. She said, “I’m so real, like what I am is what’s going on.”

Why is Mila Kunis not on social media?

As Kelly revealed being real and staying away from social media, Mila stated that even though she’s been sleeping under the rock, she knows for a reason that she will never be canceled by her fans because of who she is. However, the two thanked their generation for not having social media in their teenage days.

Mila said, “No decision is permanent in life except for the ones on the internet. And I was like, ‘Look at everything you do, you can always say sorry, you can always fix mistakes, you can always improve yourself.’ I make mistakes constantly. But if I had to The Internet, that’s it.”

Explaining why she isn’t on social media, Mila Kunis revealed that once your mistakes surface on the internet, you can’t do much about it. About this, Kelly said, “I love it even though people think you always have to do it, because it’s a cancellation culture.” She revealed that it’s important to teach kids that “it’s okay to say I was wrong, and I learned from that.”

Since people are filtering themselves, it’s hard to be themselves on social media because they are so afraid of being scrapped. Based on this idea, Mila revealed, “I think I’m 39, and I’m like, ‘Oh my God, for the first time in my life I tried to tell my child 39th’.” She continued, “My mom is 27, and she was like, ‘No!’, and I was like, ‘Wah.'”

This isn’t the first time Mila Kunis has described her thoughts on the “evil side” of social media. In 2018, Mila Kunis revealed in an interview that she’s watched social media turn into an ugly place and that she really doesn’t want to be a part of it.

She said, “The emotional and mental impact of social media isn’t necessarily all sunshine and rainbows, seeing all the bad news, cyberbullying, and anonymous trolls who want to put their nose where they don’t belong can really wear you down.” What do you think of this?