List of celebrities who support Kanye’s ‘white lives matter’ gimmick

Kanye West is all over the internet for all the wrong reasons. rom bullying celebrities to recently donning a “White Lives Matter” T-shirt at the Parisashion Show, Yi seems to have waged war against many a Hollywood celebrity. On the other hand, there are some who are showing their full support for Kanye’s latest “White Lives Matter Stunt”.

Who Supports “White Lives Matter”?

Kanye West was first criticized by Vogue contributing editor Gabriella Kariva-Johnson for wearing a ‘White Lives Matter’ shirt at the Parisashion Show.’ She wrote: ‘Here come the bulls**t. I’m pissed off… collecting my thoughts..’ He sent me a letter for my work thesis. Untenable behaviour,” she shared with her 196k followers.

In response, Kanye made fun of Gabriella in three derogatory posts on Instagram. However, Gigi Hadid came to her rescue, calling Yi, “a bully and a joke.” As for ‘White Lives Matter’, Ye defended himself by posting the T-shirt in one of his now-deleted Instagram posts and wrote, “This is my last reply when people ask me why I made a T-shirt that says white lives matter…they do !”

Well, there are still some celebrities out there who show their outspoken support for Kanye’s latest stunt that disappointed many blacks. Here is a list of those who support Kanye’s “White Lives Matter” movie.

Ray West (Yi Dad)

Yi’s father, Ray West is the latest person to support his son. Kanye just posted a post on Instagram where he added a screenshot of his conversation with the 73-year-old. The two can be seen agreeing to “a black man proclaims what is self-evident”.

I commented on it: For the first time in 45 years I have taught my dad a super educated black pride and by the way my dad there is an NPC trying to pick me out what to do. “

Antonio Brown

Former Tampa Bay Buccaneers player Antonio Brown became an early supporter of the Kanye West “White Lives Matter” jersey. The 34-year-old football receiver posted an old clip from August in which Kanye and Antonio can be seen exchanging musical ideas. He said, “All life matters 🔔🛎 #CallGod #Boomin,” adding, “#Donda #Always.”


Shockingly, a longtime rival of Kanye, Drake also came forward to support rapper “Donda” by liking one of his posts where he once again applauded Justin Bieber’s wife Hailey Bieber for supporting Gabriella’s criticism.

Kanye even posted a separate post thanking Drake for his support and wrote: “Everyone knows me extract We had a competition in the past. It really warmed my heart to see extract Like one of my points, we still need Team DONDA to play NOCTA ALL extract The music will be played in DONDA GAMES moving forward. “

Candice Owens

Candice Owens, right winger, who wore a similar ‘White Lives Matter’ shirt alongside Kanye at the Parisashion Show, shows her direct support for rapper ‘Donda’. The conservative influencer also came forward to comment on one of Kanye’s posts where he attacked the Kardashian for keeping him away from his children.


American rapper Sean Love Combs, whose stage name is Diddy, came to Yi’s rescue while everyone was criticizing Yi for his controversial “White Lives Matter” T-shirt. The 52-year-old rapper may not have endorsed the shirt, but he certainly asked the public not to cancel it and urged everyone to understand his actions. Yi was called “the super thinker, the super thinker, the super free”.

Yesterday, Ye attacked the Kardashian family after Khloe commented as she stood with her sister and asked Ye to stop tearing down her family. The rappers called them “hacks” and “snatchers.” While the Kardashians don’t seem to bother them, Yee sure does have a small but valuable list of supporters. Why do you think he was wearing a “White Lives Matter” T-shirt?