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7eatured News The series’ final episode on Sunday with guest journalist Larry Emdur (really) sharing his proprietary secrets and how to survive recent market moves.

It must be said that Lazza, having amassed a huge portfolio over decades, should probably be the host. Location, location, location for 10?

This episode features D’Leanne Lewis from luxury listings in australia and Sherry Barber space invaders.

There is another story about Melissa Kadek’s husband.

When the Reserve Bank raised interest rates again this week, for the sixth time in as many months, the mortgage pain could be felt across Australia.

With most of them already feeling the cost of living crunch, it seemed that those who had yet to climb up the real estate ladder were a long way from realizing the big dream of home ownership.

So what is your secret to getting in the door and when should you move?

For guest reporter Larry Emdor, it only took $500 and a lot of luck to land his first investment unit. He has since turned ownership into a lifelong passion, a passion he shares on 7NEWS Spotlight, this Sunday at 8:50pm on Channel 7 and 7plus.

The star of The Morning Show and The Chase Australia takes viewers inside his latest real estate project, which he hopes will move from the hell of riverside renovation to his family’s home forever.

Using his own connections from the “Little Black Book”, he collected advice from the best Australian pinball player, Sherry Barber. his real estate agent turned reality star, D’Leanne Lewis of Luxe Listings Australia; and consumer goods advisor Robert Clark, who share their insider advice on how best to respond to a “boom or crash” market.

While experts predict that prices may continue to fall, seasoned investors and familiar fans are seeing opportunities that others might shy away from.

Join Larry on this major must-see real estate course that can teach you tricks to building your way to a real estate fortune.

8:50 p.m. Sunday at Sevens.

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