2022 US Chess Championship results today, third round schedule, date, time, venue, players list, standings, score, prize money, live broadcast

The 2022 edition of the prestigious US Chess Championship continued on Thursday with another victory for 12-year-old prodigy Alice Lee in the women’s division, and we take a look at the format, schedule, standings, results, participants, prize money and other details of the competition

After agreeing to a tie in their separate matches, Samuel Sivian and Mister Great Hans Niemann maintained their lead in the US Open Championship standings in St. Louis. In the women’s category, there were some unexpected results, notably the surprise victory of 12-year-old Alice Lee over Gulrokhpigym Tochergonova.

2022 US Chess Championship results today, third round schedule, date, time, venue, players list, standings, score, prize money and live broadcast

2022 US Chess Championship Format, rules, schedule, date, time, location and other details

The St. Louis Chess Club is the site of the United States Championship, an elite national tournament featuring 14 of the nation’s top chess players. 13 rounds will be used to determine the winner, who will also receive $250,500 in cash and the coveted title of 2022 US Champion. The prestigious 2022 US Chess Championship and Women’s US Chess Championship kicked off with a public opening ceremony on October 4 and will culminate with a closing ceremony on October 9.

The 2022 US Chess Championship will have a 90-minute time limit for the first 40 moves, followed by a 30-minute time limit for the remaining moves, with 30 seconds added for each additional move thereafter. There will be no raffles in any of the regular season or post-season competitions of the event.

Date time Event
Tuesday 4 October 6:00 pm opening ceremony
Wednesday October 5 1:00 pm round 1
Thursday October 6 1:00 pm Round 2
Friday 7 October 1:00 pm Round 3
Saturday October 8 1:00 pm Round 4
Sunday October 9 1:00 pm Round 5
Monday October 10 day off
Tuesday 11 October 1:00 pm Round 6
Wednesday October 12 1:00 pm Round 7
Thursday October 13 1:00 pm Round 8
Friday 14 October 1:00 pm Round 9
Saturday 15 October 1:00 pm round 10
Sunday October 16 day off
Monday October 17 1:00 pm Round 11
Tuesday 18 October 1:00 pm round 12
Wednesday October 19 1:00 pm round 13
Thursday 20 October 1:00 pm Playoff (if necessary)
6:00 pm Closing ceremony

2022 US Chess Championship Second day results, score, winners, standings, third day schedule

Day two of the 2022 US Chess Championship saw a number of shocking results, including 15-year-old Christopher Yu’s victory over defending champion GM Wesley So in an extremely aggressive match. Additionally, in the open section, Elshan Moradiabadi bounced back from his first-round loss to claim victory over Awonder Liang. However, no other tournament favorite made much progress in the remaining matches, which were all very close throughout.

During his confrontation against Liner Dominguez, Levon Aronian looked ready to win but several blunders cost him victory as he decided to equalise. Elsewhere, Hans Niemann missed his chance to win and had to settle a tie with Jeffrey Cheung. After two rounds of matches, champion Wesley is surprisingly sitting last with 0.5 points while 19-year-old Hans Niemann leads the table with 1.5 points alongside Samuel Sivian.

Current champion Wesley Sue will play Cheung Jeffrey in the third round match of the 2022 U.S. Chess Championship, while co-captain Hans Niemann will compete against Sam Shankland to retain his advantage. In another match, Levon Aronian will face top-ranked Samuel Sivian and try to win his first match in the competition.

US Open Chess Championship standings (after the second round)
Rank Noun result evaluation
1 Niemann, Hans Mock 1.5 2699
2 Sivian, Samuel 1.5 2684
3 Caruana, Vapiano 1 2763
4 Aronian, Levon 1 2755
5 Dominguez Perez, Lenier 1 2747
6 Shankland, Sam 1 2712
7 Xiong, Jeffrey 1 2690
8 Robson, Ray 1 2690
9 Swiercz, Darius 1 2652
10 Yu, Christopher Woojin 1 2563
11 Linderman, Alexander 1 2535
12 Moradiabadi, Alchan 1 2534
13 So, Wesley 0.5 2774
14 Liang, under 0.5 2608

US Women’s Division Chess Championship standings (after Round 2)

The prize pool for the winner of the prestigious 2022 US Chess Championship is €60,000 compared to €50,000 cash prize for second place. According to their ending in the US Chess Championship, a total prize pool of $250,500 will be distributed to the participants.

place cash prize
the first 60 thousand dollars
Second $50,000
Third 40 thousand dollars
the fourth $35,000
Fifth $25,000
VI $20,000
seventh $14,000
VIII $11,000
ninth $10,000
The tenth $9,000
eleventh 8000 dollars
twelveth 7000 dollars
Thirteenth 6000 dollars
fourteenth 5000 dollars
overall prize 250500 dollars

When and where to watch: Live broadcast

Starting at 1:00 p.m., fans from around the world can follow the daily rounds of the 2022 United States Chess Championship via Unfortunately, there will not be any broadcasters broadcasting the prestigious competition.

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