TikTok is facing a class-action lawsuit by former real-life housewife Bethennyrankel

American entrepreneur and former “real housewife” Bethennyrankel has filed a class-action lawsuit against TikTok over “unauthorized advertising”. The lawsuit was filed today (October 6) in Manhattan federal court, and states that the video-sharing platform enabled users to create “multiple videos” of her name, photo and other features of her “personality to promote counterfeit goods.”

TikTok used Bethenny’s own content

TikTok is facing a class action lawsuit for violating Bethennyrankel’s publicity rights. In a class action lawsuit filed inederal Court in Manhattan today (October 6), a “real housewife,” who is also a successful businesswoman, has accused TikTok of “allowing users to misuse her image and likeness of others to endorse products without permission. If you are a content creator and have faced a situation Similar, you can join Bethennyrankel in her lawsuit.

In the recent lawsuit, it was alleged that TikTok enabled users to create “many videos” of her name, voice, image and other features of her character so that they could sell counterfeit goods, in violation of her advertising rights. Bethenny’s case is being handled by the famous law firm “Morgan & Morgan”.

What happened exactly?

The Real Housewives of New York City released a statement sometime before news of the lawsuit became official. It reported that a company selling counterfeit products stole its video in September on TikTok, and reposted it for marketing purposes. Well, TikTok let that happen.

She said , “It has come to my knowledge that TikTok has been posting videos using my content without my consent to sell items to which I have no affiliation,”rankel said in a statement. “I have discovered that this is a widespread problem affecting creators of all sizes throughout the space. It is unacceptable, and I want to be a voice for change and use my platform to transform the industry.”

In the oath of prayer,rankl pleads for compensation for “Severe damage to its business and reputation, as well as sweeping changes to enforce stricter regulations regarding TikTok advertising,” as described by her attorney at Morgan & Morgan.

Since it’s a class action lawsuit, Bethenny’s lawyers have urged other creators who have gone through such scams to come forward and join the lawsuit. The bright side is that this class action lawsuit is not only being brought for personal gain. She is pushing for a broad policy change within TikTok.

What is TikTok’s response?

Whenrankel previously contacted TikTok about this, they ignored its demands to remove the unauthorized content. John Morgan and John Yanchunis, who representrankel in the class action, said influencers and content creators spent months building and developing their brands. Not to mention that it takes a long time to gain their audience’s trust.

The lawyers added: “As the fastest growing social media platform, TikTok has a responsibility to implement measures to detect and stop illegal practices, such as misuse of their creators’ names and the like.” He further stated that the videos allegedly violatedrankel’s right to publicity and caused significant harm to her business.

“In addition to damage to its business and individual reputation, these practices deceive and harm consumers. Our goal is to hold TikTok accountable and ensure they take steps to prevent this from happening again,”

As for TikTok, the popular social media platform stated that they have strict policies to “protect people’s hard-earned intellectual property and keep misleading content away from TikTok.”

Despite claiming that they are constantly reviewing and improving their policies,rankel’s case is just one example among the many victims who still encounter similar problems. YI, after Bethenny exposed TikTok and warned more than 990,000 followers of “unlawful use of its content”, TikTok removed her video and labeled it “offensive”.

This clearly means that TikTok really violated its publicity rights. As for her, the damage has already been done. A class action certainly has a lot of appeal and can be annoying for a video sharing site. Keep reading for more updates on this case because if she wins, it will be a lucrative position for the many hard working content creators out there! what do you think?

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