Riot is letting more league players into the Champions queue but adding 3 rules to compensate

Riot Games is allowing more players to enter the Champions Queue before the 2022 main event league of legends World Championship but also add more specific requirements that must be met to join.

Zack “Wooblee” Elliott, Riot Academy Director, explained the new conditions and expansion league subreddit. rom now on, former professional players from one of the world’s eligible leagues (such as LEC, LCK, etc.), along with former players from the LCS Academy, will be allowed to enter the Champions Queue. But they will need to meet three demands before they can join.

If a player wants to join the Champions Queue, they must have made it to Challenger in a singles queue this season, be located in North America, and have “approved by the CQ Board after a thorough review.” Players who meet these requirements can apply by contacting their local esports office.

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These changes were made after Riot reassessed the status of its Heroes queue a few weeks after it launched Worlds. “While we believe the current CQ population is healthy in terms of competitive players, we also view CQ Worlds as an opportunity to be more experienced in accessing,” Woubli explained. Riot has received feedback from participating professional players, allowing them to expand the system.

While this ultimately means that more players will likely be added to the heroes queue, Whoopley emphasized that it’s still a place to practice your abilities and not “for content purposes.” He said it’s a “high quality training environment and anyone who undermines that goal is not meant to be on the Champions Queue.”