Kanye West wants Jamieoxx to play him in a movie, and the actor is called ‘one of the greatest geniuses’

The movie based on Kanye West’s life may not be running yet, but the rapper definitely has an actor on his mind to play the part if the project ever goes through. The controversial rapper took to Instagram on Wednesday to share with his fans that he thinks Jamieoxx would be the right choice to play him.

While the situation is currently hypothetical, Yi also asked his followers who they would choose to star in his autobiography. Keep reading to learn more about development.

Kanye West wants Jamieoxx to play him in Ye Movie

The 45-year-old rapper asked the question on Instagram by posting a photo that read, “Who should play me in a public movie?” As his favorite actor shared by naming the post, “My picks are Jamieoxx, one of the greatest geniuses.”

Some fans commented that they wanted the rapper to play his role in the film. Others have commented mockingly on the names of Danny DeVito, Jim Carrey, Danny McBride, Gigi Hadid and Pete Davidson.

West andoxx have collaborated several times in the past. They initially worked together on Twista’s slow jam in 2003. Then in 2005, the actor appeared in the song West gold prospector In the same year, West Guest starred in theoxx track Amazing artistic production. Most recently, West appeared on the remix ofoxx’s 2009 single digital girl Together with Drake and Dream.

The artists also appeared on Instagram live together earlier this year and sparked another collaboration. “I told you, back then, man, this [Kanye] He was young and hungry. Now look at us. There is a reason we bumped into each other. “I can’t wait to see the next step,”oxx said during the live broadcast.

Kanye has been in the news lately for his “White Lives Matter” stance.

The rapper has been in the news over the past week after he wore a T-shirt to the Yeezy fashion show that read “White Lives Matter.” He then continued his stance by calling “Black Lives Matter” an Instagram scam.

Ye has faced plenty of backlash for his opinion, with the likes of Boosie Badazz, Jaden Smith, Vogue, and Gigi Hadid calling out the rapper. The family of Ahmaud Arbery, a victim of a racist crime in 2020, has expressed disappointment over Ye’s allegations.

Jamieoxx shows his support for Black Lives Matter

Whileoxx has yet to comment on Ye that he wants to play in a movie, he has indirectly called out the rapper by posting a long message on Instagram. The actor wrote that while the story of the “Black Lives Matter” movement has been distorted, the quality of the world still depends on it.

“The Black Lives Matter story has been misrepresented and exploited and a million other things as social media does… but I refuse to believe that the entire world was getting it wrong… and all of this was in vain… our world is spinning faster these days… a post could One media that almost makes you forget what actually happened…but let’s not forget…the goodness of our world depends on it…#blm,”oxx wrote.

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