Who is Joel Haver? YouTuber defends SNL over accusations of bear drawing theft

Fans of the comedy Vulture can’t stay shut down after Saturday Night Live returns with a new cast and sketch that sounded so familiar. The graphic in question is about Charmaine bears that fans believe bears striking similarities to Joel Haver’s animated video titled “Toiler Paper Bear.” However, a YouTube user has a different view of the confusion. Read on to find out all about Joel Haver and how he responded to these accusations.

Who is Joel Haver?

Joel Haver is a 24-year-old YouTube content creator who is also known for a variety of short films and unique animation style. He rose to fame in late November 2020 with his most popular video to date, “Playing an RPG for the first time”. Speaking of his comedic style, it is a mixture of deadpan (dry humor) and meta humor along with some disturbing comedy as well.

Joel uses both live video and digitally animated video clips for a variety of topics, spanning from video games and television to real-life events. Joel has more than 1.6 million subscribers on his YouTube channel called Joel Haver.

The Canadian YouTuber studied at Belchertown High School in Belchertown, Massachusetts, and received his BA inilm,ilm and Video Studies from the Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, New York.

During his film school, Joel was involved in acting, screenwriting, production etc. but he has always been passionate about raising the camera and shooting videos. Then he decided to become a YouTuber and, with the support of his parents, survived the struggle he faced in the early years. His father, who appeared in one of his most successful videos, passed away of cancer in December 2019.

What is the SNL controversy?

The SNL parody sketch has come into question as fans wonder if they copied it from Joel’s sketch, “Toilet Paper Bears.” If you’ve watched the last episode of SNL, you must have seen Mike Teller appear in blue fur to play a young Charmaine Bear, who wants to ditch the “wipe ass” family business and pursue his true passion: dancing.

However, Kenan Thompson plays his dismissive father while Heidi Gardner plays his awkward mother. Punkie Johnson is cast as his ‘peacekeeping sister’, and Bowel Yang plays a dancing bear who mistakenly think Charmin’s kitchen is their bathroom. After seeing this parody, many believe “SNL” stole Joel Haver’s animated video titled: “Toilet Paper Bear.”

If you didn’t know this, Haver’s “Toiler Paper Bear” video was released in July 2022, featuring identical blue bears, and an artistic son who was going out of the family business. The only difference between the two videos is that the SNL delivery was “more in line with a variety show that’s been on for nearly 50 years,” compared to Haver’s animated video.

Haver doesn’t care much…

As fans keep pointing out these startling similarities, Joel Haver has come forward and seems not at all upset. Although Yoel called any resemblance between his family bears and SNL“It is very troubling,” however, he stated that it could be a case of “parallel thinking” or simply a “wild coincidence.”

In a YouTube video, he addressed the accusation relating to SNL theft his drawing: “When it comes to these accusations of theft, I always err on the side of chance. I think parallel thinking happens often.”

He continued, “When it comes to the Charmaine Bears thing, there are a lot of coincidences that have to line up to make it really coincidence, but I don’t think it was malicious. It was either a subconscious borrowing from someone from their writers staff who watched my video, or it was a coincidence. unruly”.

Why is Joel defending SNL?

In his YouTube video, where an SNL parody can be seen playing in the background, Joel Haver explained the similarities and differences. Jewels stated, “My video was a Sharman Bears parody in which a father opposes his son going to college, doesn’t want to be a teddy bear licking his ass anymore, and wants to dance instead.”

As for the similarities, Joel revealed, “It’s the same blue bears, and Daddy has glasses, they’re in their house.” After the hiatus, Joel stated that although it was very annoying to see such a cartoon on SNL, but then he quoted one of his old videos on “Trope” and said he got so many comments that Aunt Donna actually did this. He revealed that he made the video independently, and there was no chance, he could copy it.

“If I were still a little innovator, which I have been for so long, I might see him rub me the wrong way, and I would more likely believe they actually stole it,” Joel concluded. “I must realize that I am in a position not to be bothered by it.”