Shinobi no Ittoki Episode 1 Recap and Ending Explained

In episode 1 of Shinobi no Ittoki, Ittoki invites an ordinary teenager on a date with a girl he has never met named Tsubasa. Although she is excited for the big day, her mother advises her not to go when she finds out about her plans. But Ittoki ignores all his advice and ends up putting his life in danger in the process. Here’s everything you need to know about the ending of ‘Shinobi no Ittoki’ episode 1. SPOILERS BECAUSE!

Shinobi no Ittoki Episode 1 Summary

An ordinary student at school, Ittoki finds himself dealing with the problems of a typical teenager. Although her friends ask her to join them for karaoke, she has so many clubs and other activities that she literally has no time for herself. He is followed by a masked girl named Kousetsu, whose mother begs her not to slow down.

On his way back home, Ittoki takes a shortcut, showing off his innate athleticism and agility in the process. However, when the van is about to hit him, he does an impressive backflip and narrowly avoids it. He is then taken into a car by his uncle Tokisada. The next day at school, she finds a love letter in her locker and is naturally confused.

Meeting the sender a few hours later, Ittoki learns that the girl’s name is Tsubasa. Although she doesn’t know him, she has been following him for a long time and the other day he saw that she was not hit by a van. He proposes and arranges a day for Ittoki to go out with him to start his dating life. Ittoki’s mother later warns him not to go out with her when she finds out he’s dating a girl he doesn’t even know.

Shinobi no Ittoki Episode 1 Ending: Why does Ittoki have to be saved when he meets? Who saves his life?

Despite his mother’s warning, Ittoki decides to meet Tsubasa as the new couple had planned. He is dropped off by his uncle Tokisada at Iga station, where his date is already waiting for him. Ittoki is naturally nervous since this is his first date, so when Tsubasa asks about his plans for the day, he asks her to come instead. Although Ittoki was shocked, he couldn’t muster up the courage to say no to her. At Tushbasa’s house, the couple sits together without really speaking to each other.

However, when Ittoki tries to strike up a conversation, Tsubasa simply stands up and takes a few steps away from him. To his surprise, she drops all her clothes and turns to Ittoki. When he tries to face it, Ittoki pushes him away and panics. In a split second, he has a cut on his face and Tsubasa is surrounded by mysterious people dressed in black, controlled by him. ortunately, Kousetsu jumps from the balcony into the room before it’s too late and helps Ittoki escape while dealing with the threat at hand.

Meanwhile, outside the house, Raiha and Kaizo are ready to escort him to safety. Unfortunately, the car they’re driving is attacked, and while fighting the enemies, Ittoki is told to run for his life. A few hours later, Ittoki finds himself on an empty street. However, even though he tries his best, he is found by mysterious enemies who have an evil plan for him. ortunately, Tokisada appears at the right moment and uses his inexplicable powers to fight everyone.

Ittoki faints in the process, and the next time he opens his eyes, he finds himself next to a house that Tokisada describes as his parent’s house. As Kousetsu takes her inside, Tokisada returns to take care of some unfinished business. Thus, without the bravery of Tokisada, Kousetsu, Raiha and Kaizo, Ittoki would not have survived and would have perished a cruel death.

Who Are The Kouga Clan? Why are they planning to kill Ittoki Sakuraba?

As Kousetsu takes him home, Ittoki finds himself sitting in the middle of a gathering of about ten people. The Clan leader is soon announced to have arrived, and he is shocked to learn that it is none other than his mother, Yumika. He reveals that they are the shinobi of Iga Village.

A few hundred years after the birth of the ninja, they continued to thrive, hiding in the shadows and integrating with ordinary citizens. As ninjas, it is one’s duty to adhere to a strict code that promotes social cohesion among different groups and villages. Unfortunately, after decades of relative peace and prosperity, things began to take a turn for the worse.

The Kouga Clan is a group of ninjas living in the village of the same name, who use modern ninjutsu and great wealth to further their nefarious plans. As one of the most powerful villages, they want to stamp their authority by ending competition with Iga and ensuring its downfall. In order to achieve this goal, Kouga tried to kill Ittoki because he was the 19th legitimate heir to the respected line of Iga ninjas.

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