Brad Pitt ‘strangled’ one of his children and ‘slapped another in the face’ while spitting on a private plane !

Angelina Jolie filed explosive court documents on Tuesday as part of her long battle with actor Brad Pitt, accusing her ex-husband of “strangling” one of their six children during a violent dispute on a private jet, and beating another in London. her face, hitting the actress against the wall while pulling her hair.

Jolie said Pitt’s behavior on the September 2016 flight fromrance to California left children crying and shocked, and left her with injuries to her back and elbow.

Five days into the trip, she filed for divorce, and in September 2021 sold her stake in arench winery she owned with Pete. He sued her over the sale, and on Tuesday she filed a counter-suit, blaming him for sparking a public mudslinging campaign.

Jolie’s lawyers wrote, “She went to great lengths to try to protect their children from reliving the pain Pete inflicted on the family that day.”

But when Pitt filed this lawsuit seeking to reassert control over Jolie’s financial life and force her to join her ex-husband as a frozen business partner, Pitt forced Jolie to defend herself publicly on these issues for the first time.

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt photographed in November 2008 with their six children. The couple separated in 2016, after an explosive quarrel on a private plane. On Tuesday, Jolie provided details in court documents of the circumstances of the violent altercation

Pete (seen on July 18) sued Jolie over her decision to sell half of therench winery. Julie (right, in October 2021), filed a lawsuit on Tuesday

The former couple were photographed at Bris-Champignon Airport inrance as they boarded a private jet in 2007, a year before they bought Miraval.

Jolie detailed the violent quarrel in September 2016, which she said led to their divorce and the current dispute over the winery.

The couple, who first got married in 2005, bought Château Maraval winery in 2008.

Jolie said that when they bought the property, their representatives discussed signing an agreement, and set the terms of how the property would be divided if the couple separated.

But she said Pete did not want any such agreement.

Jolie’s lawyers say Pete’s chief financial officer wrote in an email: “Early in the process, I raised the issue of a buy/sell agreement between A&B but told Brad that it was not necessary for there to be such an agreement for two reasonable people. “.

The idea was dropped, and the couple married at the palace in August 2014.

In court documents, she said she considered it an investment for her family, as well as a home.

Jolie has accused Pitt of not consulting her about the development of the estate and the installation of a fifth swimming pool at a cost of one million euros.

But she said she did not object at the time.

“Julie has always played an active role in the design for any home she has lived in (and the ones she has lived in since), and when she and the mansion house purchased, they were initially expected to do the same for their new home,” she writes.

But Pete pushed for creative control in keeping with his taste and vision.

While Jolie preferred a more collaborative approach, she agreed with Pete’s desire to take control of the project, although she sometimes wondered why the palace would need, for example, a fifth pool at a cost of one million euros, or why the staircase would have to be rebuilt. four times.

If Jolie questioned such expenses, Pitt defended them as crucial to his vision of the mansion.

This is the Miraval Chateau and the 1,000-acre—now estimated at $164 million—where the couple tied the knot in 2008.

Jolie and Pitt married in 2014, and were photographed together in November 2015

Pete and Jolie with their children at Los Angeles Airport inebruary 2014

Jolie said the marriage ‘finished’ on the September 14, 2016 trip.

Court documents claim that “throughout the long, all-night flight, Pete was physically and emotionally abusive to Jolie and their children, who were between the ages of 8 and 15”.

After that trip, Jolie decided to file for divorce for the sake of her family’s well-being.

She said Pitt “confronted” with one of the children before arriving at the airport, and when Jolie asked him on the plane what was wrong, he “accused her of being too respectful of children and verbally attacked her.”

Jolie claims that Pitt, 90 minutes later, sought to get Jolie out and reprimanded her for her actions.

“He took her into the bathroom and started yelling at her,” the court documents said.

Pete grabbed Julie by the head and shook her, then grabbed her shoulders and shook her again before pushing her against the bathroom wall.

Pete then hit the roof of the plane several times, forcing Julie to leave the bathroom.

When she came out, one of their children asked her, ‘Are you okay, Mom? “

Pete shouted, “No, your mother’s not feeling well” and began to mock Julie with insults.

Julie claims that when one of the children spoke in self-defence, Pete ‘pushed’ towards the child, and Julie grabbed him to stop him.

To get Julie off his back, Pitt threw himself backwards into the plane seats, injuring Julie’s back and elbow.

The children rushed in and bravely tried to protect each other.

Before it was over, Pete strangled one of the children and hit another in the face.

Some of the children pleaded with Pete to stop. They were all afraid. Many were crying.

The Oscar-winning actress, 47, has submitted photos showing bruises on her hand (left) and elbow (right) to theBI as part of an investigation into the couple’s ‘verbal and physical altercation’ while they were on a private plane fromrance to Los Angeles Airport. . On September 14, 2016

Jolie and Pitt photographed with their son Maddox in November 2013

For the rest of the trip, to “avoid Pete’s wrath,” Julie and the children sat silently under the blankets.

Lawyers write: no one dared to go to the bathroom. Pete periodically came out of the back of the plane to yell and swear at them.

At one point, he poured beer on Julie; Another time, he poured beer and red wine on the children.

After several hours of stress, Pete finally fell asleep.

Upon landing, Julie wakes him up and tells him that she and her children are going to a hotel instead of their home.

“He shouted that no one got off the plane and prevented the family from landing for 20 minutes,” the court documents read.

After a child stepped in and demanded to leave, Pete finally relented.

But once out of the plane door, Pete once again physically assaulted one of their children.

Julie also grabbed her head and shoulders and shook her, causing one of the kids to beg, “Don’t hurt her.”

He let Julie go, but then called her a ‘b****’ before adding, ‘Fuck you, damn you all. “

An investigation was opened, but no charges were ever brought.

Seven months later, in April 2022, Jolie under the alias “Jane Doe” sued theBI, seeking to find out why the investigation was dropped.

Her actions were only revealed in August of this year when Rolling Stone magazine obtained a copy of theBI report.

Jolie’s anonymous lawsuit alleged that she made countless requests for a copy of the department’s investigative file to “get a better understanding of theBI’s investigations and obtain the information needed for her children to receive medical care and trauma counseling.”

Jolie states, in her court documents, that their joint ownership of the winery is increasingly in dispute.

“With Château Miraval now its most important asset, Julie has begun to seek a more active role in understanding the various chateau and wine projects and in understanding and overseeing their finances,” the court documents say.

“As controversies and complications arise in the related divorce and custody proceedings, Pete’s behavior hardened as he attempted to consolidate his control over the winery.”

She accuses Pitt of trying to put her out of business and using the company’s revenue to fund his own projects.

“Pete’s refusal to pay dividends alone has given him significant influence and control over Jolie in their ongoing disputes,” she said.

By 2019, Jolie was increasingly uncomfortable with continuing to be involved in alcohol-related businesses, given the impact of Pitt’s recognized alcohol abuse problem on their family.

Resigning Pete not to share control of the winery or distribute any profits, fearing to engage in a business connected with such painful and traumatic memories of her and their children, and to seek financial independence, Jolie concluded that she needed to sell her interest in Chateau Maraval.

Pitt argued that Jolie unilaterally sold her stake to the multinational beverage giant Stoli, but Jolie argued on Tuesday that she offered Pitt the opportunity to buy it.

She said a $54.5 million deal was reached to sell her stake to Pete, but backed out when allegations of violence were made.

In the couple’s child custody case, Jolie filed under seal (which means no member of the public can see any part of it except the title of the document) “offering proof and re-attestation of authority in relation to domestic violence.”

This filing appears to have angered Pitt, and in response to that filing, on March 26, 2021, Pitt’s team notified Jolie that Pitt was “backtracking” on the Maraval deal.

Jolie was seen with her daughter Shilo in Rome on July 9

It sold its stake to Stoli in September 2021 and is now seeking final judge approval for the sale.

After failing to bully Jolie into agreeing to a no-derogation clause in exchange for her economic freedom and security, Pitt now claims that Jolie was not authorized to sell her stake in Chateau Miraval and is asking the court to annul the sale. Lawyers write.

Again, Pitt’s entire case against Jolie is based largely on his supposed unwritten and unstated agreement to always grant the other consent or veto any sale to the other’s interest in the mansion and winery regardless of the circumstances and regardless of whether they are. I stayed a couple.

But the first time Jolie heard about the supposed right of consent was when she was alerted to press reports that Pete had sued her and later read Pete’s complaint.

The court documents concluded: “Jolie requests the court to declare that no such agreement exists and that Jolie’s sale of Nouvel to the Stoley subsidiary is final.

With these statements, Jolie can finally get what she thought she had when she sold Nouvel to Stoli in 2021: to move out of the winery and mansion, gain financial independence from her ex-husband, and finally get some form of peace. And to conclude this deeply painful and shocking chapter of her life and the lives of her children.

A source close to Pete told “She continues to paraphrase, revise and reimagine her description of an event that occurred six years ago by adding completely incorrect information every time she fails to get what she wants. Her story is constantly evolving.

The source added: “She had the opportunity to share this during the extended custody trial, which resulted in the judge awarding 50-50 custody of Pitt after in-depth observations and analysis by doctors, therapists and other experts.

“She and her team come back to the same thing month after month with new and false information.”

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