Who is the voice actress for Kiriko in Overwatch 2?!

Overwatch 2 has dozens of heroes available, each one being represented by an iconic voice that is well-written and performed well by the voice actor. Whenever a new character is revealed, the Overwatch community is always very excited to see what accomplished actor has joined the ranks. With the early release of the game’s PvP, Kiriko is making her public debut. Here is who the voice actress portraying her is.

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Who is the voice of Kiriko in Overwatch 2?

The voice for Kiriko is Sally Amaki. She is a voice actress and singer who grew up in Los Angeles after her parents immigrated there and were married. However, she moved to Japan to pursue voice acting for anime because she loved the medium. While she now resides in Tokyo, her first language is English. You can see her transition between Japanese and English in her tweet below.

Sally Amaki is best known for being a part of the J-pop idol girl group, 22/7. She does the voice and motion capture for Sakuraujima, a character that speaks both Japanese and English to take advantage of the uniqueness of Sally’s upbringing and skills.

Becoming an idol was not necessarily something that Amaki set out to do, but after joining 22/7, she started trending on the internet when fans would ask her to sing Japanese songs in English, and she would joke in either language.

Overwatch 2 has a lot of bilingual voice actors, so Sally Amaki feels right at home with the rest of the roster. Kiriko has a lot of charm to her, and her voice lines and interactions with others are as great as anyone else. She is very talented. Hopefully, we will get to see what songs Kiriko likes to sing someday.