Who is Oliver Lynn? All about Loretta Lynn’s husband and manager

Beloved country singer Loretta Lynn bids farewell to the world on October 4 at the age of 90. The acclaimed music star has released multiple chart-topping albums, and has been supported by her husband, Oliver Lynn, throughout her career.

Oliver served as Loretta’s manager, having encouraged her to pursue singing as a career. The couple had six children together and remained married until Oliver’s death in 1996. Here’s everything we know about Loretta Lynn’s husband.

Who is Oliver Lynn, Loretta Lynn’s husband?

Oliver Lane, often called Doolittle Lane, was born on August 27, 1926. He was a Butcher Hollow, Kentucky veteran, who took on a career as a music agent and served as Loretta’s manager. The couple met when Loretta was only 15 years old and Oliver was 21 years old. They married on January 10, 1948, within a month of their first meeting.

Speaking of her marriage, Loretta recalled in her 2002 autobiography, “I married Doo when I was only a child, and it was my life from that day on. But as important as my youth and upbringing were, there was one more thing that held me to Doo. He thought I was Something special, more special than anyone else in the world, and he never let me forget.”

Oliver encouraged Loretta to continue singing

The couple moved to Custer, Washington a year after their marriage when Loretta was pregnant with their first child. The future star Oliver bought her first guitar, a $17 harmony, and motivated her to continue singing by performing at local clubs.

Then Loretta released her first single, I’m a honky tonk girl, in 1960, and her husband toured with her around the country to promote the track. Oliver then began working as the singer’s manager and was eventually named president of Loretta Lynn Enterprises Inc. , a company formed to handle Loretta’s business and career.

Oliver Lane accused of cheating on Loretta

While the couple supported each other, their marriage was far from perfect, as Loretta admitted in her autobiography that her husband cheated on her several times. She also accused him of alcoholism and abuse, writing, “Doe was a good and hardworking man. But he was an alcoholic, and it affected our marriage all the way.”

“He was also a womanizer. Cheating husbands have been on all the news talk shows for a few years now. A lot of women say they don’t understand why women stay with dogs. My story is about who did it – me,” she wrote as well.

Loretta revealed in an interview that she stayed with her husband for the sake of her children. She said, “He didn’t hit me once and I didn’t hit him twice. I had to think about my kids. I can’t be selfish. It broke my heart a lot but that would break kids’ hearts, right?”

Oliver passed away in 1996

Oliver died on August 22, 1996 at the age of 69. He died of diabetes-related problems and heart failure. Before his death, Loretta shifted her focus from her five-year music career to taking care of her ailing husband.

After his death, Loretta said in an interview, “Yes, I think I see him everywhere I am, everything in the house and everywhere I go.” The couple had six children together: Betty Sue, Jack Penny, Ernie, Cece, Peggy Jane, and Patsy Eileen. Jack Benny died in 1984 trying to cross a river, and Betty Sue died of emphysema in 2013.

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