Feige Promises Werewolf by Night Is An Important Part Of The MCU Puzzle!

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Before fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe return to Wakanda for “Black Panther: Wakandaorever” or take a cosmic journey through the “Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special,” they’ll have another scary situation to make. On October 7, 2022, the first Marvel Studios special presentation will arrive: “Werewolf by Night,” directed by Michael Giacchino. Gael García Bernal plays Jack Russell, who attends a meeting of monster hunters after the death of Ulysses Bloodstone. All the while, he has to contend with a curse that turns him into a werewolf.

In almost every conceivable way, “Werewolf by Night” deviates from the standard MCU production. It has a totally unique visual flare that harkens back to the monster movies of the 1930s and 1940s, a tone that’s more serious and unsettling, and for the most part seems to stand alone from the majority of Marvel Studios projects. Don’t expect to see the likes of Spider-Man (Tom Holland) and Captain Marvel (Brie Larson) appearing in this one. Although that doesn’t mean “Werewolf by Night” doesn’t have anything to offer the sprawling MCU in general.

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According to Kevineige, president of Marvel Studios, “Werewolf by Night” fits perfectly into the future of the MCU as the events of the Multiverse Saga continue to unfold.

Feige promises Werewolf by Night is an important piece of the MCU puzzle

Feige Promises Werewolf by Night is an important part of the MCU puzzle

In a feature to promote “Werewolf by Night,” Kevineige revealed that the inaugural Marvel Studios Special Presentation isn’t just a detour in the MCU’s grand scheme. Indeed, he points out that, going forward, it will prove increasingly important to the public narrative.

“We are introducing a world that will eventually become very important to the future of the MCU,” he said, noting that in the process he and the “Werewolf by Night” team have been able to explore new characters and a corner of the MCU that has only been touched on a few times so far in projects other.

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While we’ll have to wait and see how “Werewolf by Night” will affect the upcoming stages of the MCU, we can risk some guesswork as to what it might usher in. irst, as the first trailer was revealed, the movie will introduce a man-thing: a large swamp creature who guards the Nexus of All Realities on the pages of Marvel Comics.

This multidimensional portal could become a focal point in the ongoing multiverse saga, which dealt with alternate timelines, time travel, and the like. Not to mention, Mahershala Ali will arrive as Blade, a famous vampire hunter, in 2023 – likely expanding on the frightening land set by the movie “Werewolf by Night.”

Fortunately, we don’t have much time to speculate, since the arrival of the Night Werewolf is no longer together after a week. Surely after that, we will get some concrete answers regarding Kevineige comments.

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