What the pianist throws up today !

One of the main roles in the first act is the brother of Władysław Szpilman Henryk, played by the English actor Ed Stoppard. Henrik is portrayed as incredibly sarcastic, exhibiting a black sense of humor. During the German occupation, Henrik resists the Nazi occupation with small acts of peaceful resistance, and at one point he is kidnapped by the Nazis along with his sister Helena. Henrik was eventually sent to an extermination camp, where he is believed to have died.

For Stoppard, “The Pianist” was one of the first major roles in his career. He was nominated for a Polishilm Award for Best Supporting Actor. Stoppard has continued to act since “The Pianist” with roles in “The Princess”, “Judy” and “Youth”. He is currently starring in the British TV show The Undeclared War, and has an as yet unnamed role in Golda, the upcoming 2023 biographical film about Israeli Prime Minister Golda Meir, starring Helen Mirren.

Stoppard’s father, Tom, is an incredibly famous playwright, and Stoppard said in an interview with The Guardian that he struggled to live up to his father’s fame. Both Ed and Tom are Jewish, and in 2021 Ed starred in a play that his father wrote loosely based on his family’s experiences throughout the first half of the 20th century, titled “Leopoldstadt.”