Penrith celebrates RAGE as the Panthers arrive at BlueBet to continue the party !

Penrith was so used to winning that they even managed to get sponsors for their prime ministerial glasses.

And who can blame them, after their 28-12 Grandinal victory over Parramatta capped three of the most dominant years in NFL history with consecutive titles.

Worn in KFC-branded goggles and with Premier Packages that included kilograms of specially labeled chicken and champagne, the Panthers players then spoke of wanting to be the dominant team in the modern era.

Already, they have the right to participate in the discussion.

Penrith co-drivers Nathan Cleary (centre left) and Isah Yu (centre right) present the Provan Trophy – a call-up to the fans

Fans cheer for players after Penrith Panthers win the 2022 NRL Grandinal, at BlueBet Stadium in Penrith

The raucous celebrations began after they won their first consecutive championships with their assured victory over the eel the second the players left the field and it was still raging this morning.

Bleary’s Panthers fans have arrived at Bluebet Stadium to share the Provan-Summons Cup with their legions of fans and keep the party going.

Panthers players shared photos and videos of them partying loudly and proudly into the night at the Penrith Leagues club.

They wore aviator sunglasses in honor of their favorite movie of the year, Top Gun: Maverick. They did a shooey with AFL legend Bam Bam Tuivasa.

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Tylan May shares a trophy selfie with Nathan Cleary and Jamesisher-Harris enjoys a vape with the cheeky caption “Who ya daddy” addressed to Parra fans

Many players took the time to honor their families and partners with Viliame Kikau declaring it “the best feeling ever”.

Some players lit a giant victory cigar, while others like Jamesisher-Harris celebrated with vape devices.

Players rubbed shoulders with fans all night, only appearing as the sun rose over the Blue Mountains to turn Sunday celebrations into crazy Monday hoaxes.

The party started in the huts, and it should come as no surprise that Jarome Louie was quick to kick things off, bringing a box of tunes and opening up the champagne.

He was soon joined by other players, and Nathan Cleary finally arrived and cracked a beer after fulfilling his media obligations.

The Provan-Summons Trophy was securely placed in the corner to avoid a repeat of last year when it was broken and required $10,000 for repairs.

The next morning, when Cleary was asked if there had been any mishaps regarding their award, he replied, “Not this time. I don’t want the fines.”

For some players, this was the time to celebrate as it would be their last moments of partying as Panthers players.

Kikau will call Belmore home next season after signing with the Bulldogs while three-time winning prostitute Api Koroisau heads to the Wests Tigers.

Dylan Edwards of The Panthers talks with his teammates (LR) Isaah Yeo, Nathan Cleary, Brian To’o and Jarome Luai

Fans come out with giant Panthers player heads as part of thean Day celebrations

Many players were already turning their attention to the Rugby World Cup, where Louay and good teammate Brian Too celebrated with Samoa flags.

He even joked that Nathan Cleary is “half Samoa” and will join them at the World Cup.

Like any great captain, Cleary was the last to leave and posted a video of him saying goodbye to an empty Accor Stadium to return to The Reef to celebrate with the fans.

Penrith has won 67 of 78 games in the past three seasons, with an average profit margin of over 13 points.

Cleary celebrates his teammates as the fully dressed celebrations continue at Penrith LegisC

Their victory over Parramatta was one of the most one-sided Grandinals of the century, with only two late eels attempting to break the Blue and Gold Ducks and take control of the sidelines.

This year alone, the Panthers have won every rank from the NRL to the Under-18s, becoming the first team to do so in the game’s 115-season history.

NRL history shows that turning back is rare. Before the Panthers, only the Sydney Roosters since the Premier League have done so.

The beer flowed into the night and the festivities continued this morning for the players

However, no team has won three consecutive titles in the past four years, and the last team to do so was the great Eels of the early 1980s.

Penrith will start next year as a favorite to join them, and there is every chance that their dynasty will continue after that.

That’s not what coach Evan Cleary is interested in right now.

“We take it one day at a time,” Cleary said sarcastically.

“I don’t give much away about next year, we’ll have fun tonight.

“It’s been an incredible season for our club. It’s never been done before, four grades.

It’s hard to put it into words other than to say how proud we are all.

“Our club is very allied. Everyone is their own person but we are all woven together by a common thread to try to do our best for the club.

Gamers invented aviator sunglasses in honor of groundbreaking Hollywood movie Top Gun

However, there will be challenges for the leopards.

While their path system is set up to fill in the gaps for outside players, Hawker’s Api Koroisau energy will be difficult to replace and Viliame Kikau’s strength will leave a hole on the left edge.

Cleary also knows it’s not easy to get to the top tournament, having made six teams to the finals before claiming his first title in 2020.

Clive Churchill medalist Dylan Edwards (centre) is hugged by his teammates after the Penrith Panthers’ 2022 NRL Grandinal victory, at BlueBet Stadium in Pennette

“It’s frankly hard to explain how good you feel,” Cleary said of overall dominance after Sunday’s win.

“Because it can go away.our of those titles (in all grades), there are major finals to play. Sudden death semi-finals.”

‘You should have a bit of luck, too. The footy goddess has been on our side. that’s cool.’