Lyme paralysis? Is Christina Chang leaving the good doctor?

The fifth season of ABC’s medical series “The Good Doctor” Dr. It ends with Audrey Lim’s nurse being stabbed by Villanueva’s ex-partner, Owen. As Dr. Shaun Murphy and Leah celebrate their marriage union, Owen stabs Villanueva and Lim, who encounter a nearly dead nurse on their way to the break room. In the premiere of the sixth season, Lim Shaun, Lea and Dr. It is found by Jordan Allen, and as a result, Dr. Aaron Glassman and Dr. Marcus Andrews joins.

A team of doctors do everything they can to save Lim from death and succeed in doing the same, only to be met with surprising results. Curious about the same, we found out if the events are related to Christina Chang’s possible departure from the show. Here’s everything you need to know about Chang’s future in medical drama! SPOILERS AHEAD.

Is Lim paralyzed?

Yes, Lim is paralyzed. After stabbing Villanueva and Lim, Owen wreaks havoc at the hospital and forces a shutdown. Shaun becomes increasingly worried about Lim and rushes to the break room, only to find him unconscious from massive blood loss. Glassman and Andrews immediately arrive on the scene and they all prepare for emergency surgery. Glassman instructs Shaun to cut out a large chunk of Lim’s liver to save him, but Shaun follows his instincts and intuition to do another procedure that doesn’t require the same. Lim survives, but his condition rapidly deteriorates as his heart rate drops.

Shaun learns the problem, but bypass surgery is needed. Meanwhile, Owen is shot by the SWAT team, forcing Andrews to give him the bypass machine for Owen’s surgery. He asks Shaun to do a risky procedure to save Lim. Despite having nightmares about his brother Steve’s death, Shaun regains consciousness and completes the procedure. Lim wakes up the next day but can’t move his leg. Shaun informs her that he is paralyzed, probably the result of heart surgery. So does this mean Lim will end his career as a surgeon at St. Bonaventure? Is her paralysis a window for Christina Chang to leave the show? Let’s find out!

Is Christina Chang leaving the good doctor?

So far, neither ABC nor Christina Chang have announced the actress’ departure from ‘The Good Doctor’. Additionally, the problems Lim is facing may not be an indication of Chang’s likely departure, but rather a story development to add tension and drama to the character’s storyline. According to showrunner David Shore, the issues Lim faces make Chang’s storyline important without meaning Chang’s departure from the show. “As writers, we want to make sure every story counts. This does not mean that we will lose it [Christina Chang]. We love him. But there are difficulties ahead,” Shor said TVLine.

Lim’s paralysis is expected to be an integral part of the sixth season’s storyline, as he may have the same struggle to overcome the obstacles that challenge him. “He [Lim] is a strong character and it seems very interesting to challenge him physically. […] We all face different challenges in life. How we respond to them is the true test of our character,” Shore added to TVLine. Shore’s words suggest that we may see more of Chang’s Lim in season six, showing his resilience and determination to fight his paralysis. His St. As for his job at Bonaventure, we needn’t worry either.

Co-showrunner Lizriedman confirmed in a recent interview that Lim is returning to work, albeit “long-term”. [disability].” According toriedman, we can influence how her paralysis will be at the center of her life, and how she will make choices and decisions about the surgeon’s limitations. Given Shore andriedman’s words, we’re sure to keep Christina Chang on The Good Doctor as Lim can do her best to overcome the obstacles in front of her with the support of her admirable co-stars.

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