Former CIA Director Warns US Will Destroy Russianorces If Putin Uses Nuclear Weapons !

A former director of the Central Intelligence Agency has warned that the United States and its NATO allies will destroy Russian forces if Russian President Vladimir Putin uses nuclear weapons in his war with Ukraine.

David Petraeus appeared on ABC’s “This Week” on Sunday, where he said that nuclear threats by Putin must be taken seriously, and that the governor is “desperate” because the “battlefield reality he faces is irreversible.”

Putin signed a decree earlier this week to illegally annex parts of Ukraine. But days later, Russia was forced to withdraw its forces from the strategically important Lyman region – located in one of the four Ukrainian regions annexed by Russia.

While signing the decree, Putin also condemned the “satanic” West and vowed to use all the power of the Kremlin to protect the new Russian lands. This observation was widely seen as a nuclear threat.

Petraeus said so, though Ukraine is not a NATO country, the response of the United States and NATO would be correct.

He told host Jonathan Karl that the possibility of radiation from a nuclear weapon spreading to a NATO country might be interpreted as an attack on a NATO member.

‘this is So shocking that there must be a response – it cannot go unanswered.

Just to give you a hypothetical idea, we will respond with a NATO command – a collective effort – that would eliminate every Russian conventional force we can see and identify on the battlefield in Crimea and also on every ship in the Black Sea. ”

Former CIA Director David Petraeus appeared on ABC’s “This Week” where he warned that the United States and its NATO allies would destroy Russian forces if Russian President Vladimir Putin used nuclear weapons in his war with Ukraine.

Ukraine declared full control of the eastern logistics hub of Lyman on Sunday. The area is the biggest battlefield gain from Russia in weeks, providing a potential springboard for further attacks to the east as pressure increases on the Kremlin.

It is possible that Russia suffered heavy losses during the withdrawal. A Ukrainian military spokesman said on Saturday that Russia had between 5,000 and 5,500 soldiers in the town before the Ukrainian attack.

More than 60,000 Russian soldiers have died in the war, now in its eighth month.

The capture of the town, where Ukrainian flags were raised over civilian buildings on Saturday, NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg said, showed Ukraine was able to drive out Russian forces and demonstrated the impact Ukraine’s deployment of advanced Western weapons had on the conflict.

“President Zelensky and Ukraine mobilized much better than Russia did,” Petraeus said on Sunday. “Ukraine has recruited, trained, equipped, organized and employed immeasurably better than Russia.”

“I think the reality of the battlefield he’s facing is irreversible,” he said. No amount of nefarious packing, which is the only way to describe it; There is no amount of annexation; No amount of hidden nuclear threats can actually get him out of this particular situation.

At some point there must be recognition of this. At some point there has to be some kind of beginning of negotiations that, as President Zelensky said, will be the final end.

However, Petraeus noted that “Russia was subjected to a thousand individual, personal and other sanctions” in response to the annexation “which shows that the West still has much to do for Russia.”

He continued with a warning: “Things could still get worse for Putin and Russia. Even the use of tactical nuclear weapons on the battlefield will not change this at all.

But he added: “You have to take the threat seriously.”

Petraeus also said he did not see how Russia could win at this point.

‘They can’t.’ There is nothing [Putin] You can do at this point.

Petraeus’ comments come after Putin announced onriday the annexation of four regions covering nearly a fifth of Ukraine, as the war entered its eighth month.

He told co-presenter Jonathan Karl that the possibility of radiation from a nuclear weapon spreading to a NATO country might be interpreted as an attack on a NATO member.

Earlier on Sunday, Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin dismissed Putin’s nuclear threats as a “rattle of swords” but condemned the autocrat for continuing to upend the world order.

There are no restrictions on Mr. Putin. Just as he made the irresponsible decision to invade Ukraine, you know, he could make another decision, Austin toldareed Zakaria GPS.

“But I don’t see anything at the moment that would lead me to believe he made such a decision.”

Videos apparently show Russian forces forcing Ukrainian civilians into the polls at gunpoint to vote to join Moscow’s jurisdiction.

‘As you have heard us say, this referendum is a hoax. It is a fantasy. We will never respect their illegal annexation of Ukrainian territory, and most of the international community will not respect them, Austin said on Sunday.

Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin said the nuclear threat to Vladimir Putin was “irresponsible” but predicted the autocrat was unlikely to pursue it.

Austin called Putin’s covert nuclear threat “irresponsible.”

“The rumble of nuclear swords is not the kind we expect to hear from leaders of large, capable nations,” the Pentagon chief said.

He acknowledged that there were high-level talks between Washington and Moscow on the issue, but Austin said he had not spoken to his Russian counterpart “in recent days”.

“I addressed this very issue and cautioned against going down this path and doing this kind of irresponsible behaviour,” Austin said.

“So, yes, I’ve done that in the past personally, but I haven’t spoken to him lately.”

He also condemned Putin’s illegal annexation of parts of Ukraine, which followed a referendum that Austin called “spurious.”

Petraeus told ABC he had not spoken to National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan about a possible US response to the nuclear escalation from Russia.

He explained that if Russian forces used nuclear weapons in Ukraine, it would not be a situation that would trigger Article 5 of the alliance, which calls for collective defense. This is because Ukraine is not part of NATO – but nevertheless, the “US and NATO response” would be correct.

In its evening statement on Sunday, the Ukrainian military said its forces repelled the Russian advance in several areas – notably in the Donetsk region near Bakhmut and Spirn, within the Donetsk region near Lyschansk, a major hub in the neighboring Luhansk region.

Russian forces captured Lyman from Ukraine in May and were using it as a logistics and transportation hub for their operations in the northern Donetsk region. Ukrainian forces retook control of it, Russia’s biggest loss on the battlefield since Ukraine’s lightning counterattack in the northeastern Kharkiv region in September.

Serhiy Gaidai, governor of the city of Liman, said the control of Liman could be a “key factor” in helping Ukraine regain lost lands in the neighboring Luhansk region, which Moscow declared full control in early July after weeks of grinding advances.