Will LGBTs kick Ts to the curb? – RedState !

Who knows? It seems that all is not well in the LGBT community. Despite efforts by the Democratic Party, Hollywood, the liberal media, and even our children’s schools to normalize so-called transgenderism, including “gender reassignment” surgery for children, LBGs – lesbian, bisexual, and gay – are said to be willing to kick Ts – “males”. ‘ and ‘female’ transgender people – to the point.

So, let’s set the stage.

Who among us would have expected, not so long ago, that schools would promote hours of storytelling for young children, churches would allow drag queens to teach Sunday school classes to children, parents would willingly allow their young children to take puberty-preventing drugs, and young teens would be allowed to have “sex-change surgery” “Irreversible? urthermore, that the state would pass a law designating itself as a ‘sanctuary’ state for ‘transgender’ children?

Every lick of this is crazy, and there are a growing number of members of the LGBT community who are publicly opposed to “trans” behavior and its impact on the LGB community – but we’ll get to that, in a minute.

Columnist Garrett Stepman wrote of the aforementioned Democratic, Hollywood, and media audiences, “They have suppressed any opinion or evidence that goes against the narrative that transgenderism is an impeccable commodity opposed only by fanatics,” in an article entitled, Study links jumping in youth suicide to transgender therapies, lack of parental consent. Stepman also wrote:

State policies that allow children to obtain so-called gender confirmation sponsorship without parental consent have created a significant increase in suicides, according to a new Heritageoundation study.

The Heritage study published Monday found that 2020 saw an additional 1.6 suicides per 100,000 residents ages 12 to 23 in states that allow minors to access puberty blockers and other sex-reassignment measures without parental consent. (The Daily Signal is a multimedia news organization affiliated with Heritage.)

A common argument for those in favor of so-called gender affirmation sponsorship is that such medical procedures prevent suicide.

Jay Greene, a heritage researcher in education, has found little evidence that such measures prevent suicide. The study found that it may in fact lead to increased rates of suicide among young people.

Now, LGBs.

Some in the “LGBT” sect of the Rainbow Mafia are increasingly at odds with the Ts, especially now that children and young teens are victims of a movement that pushes boundaries. political analyst and American thinker Contributor Bill Hansman recently wrote about a gay man who went viral in his video criticizing schools for teaching (indoctrinating) children about transgenderism:

A lot of people in our society believe all gays are for the LGBTQ agenda and so on, a platform that will spread many hitherto impossible beliefs into the necks of the public and force our children and grandchildren to indoctrinate their sick ideas. . The video shows that this is not the case.

As Tucker Carlson reported this week, many of the nation’s top medical institutions are openly calling and permitting upper and lower surgery for underage children. (For starters, upper surgery will involve performing a double mastectomy for young females, while lower surgery will include male castration and female hysterectomy in young adolescents.)

Reputable medical hospitals affiliated with Vanderbilt University, University of California – Sanrancisco and other hospitals of equal standing openly recruit children for this surgery on their websites. why? Because, as a Vanderbilt spokesperson explained in a video Carlson provided, the surgeries are very profitable, usually making $40,000 in fees.

Doctors are told, in no uncertain terms, to stick to the program or not to let the door hit them in the ass as they leave.

What we see now, is when the radical agenda of the transgender movement is explained in easy-to-understand graphic terms, some on the left, including the LGBs, are upset at what they finally see and understand.

For example, as noted before patriot post, Manhattan Instituteellow Lior Sapir wrote:

Whenlorida passed the Parental Rights in Education Act, the Democratic establishment and the center-left media environment immediately named the Don’t Say Like Me Act. The reason for this was clear: Center-left Americans were more likely to oppose a law they saw as threatening progress in gay rights, but less likely to oppose it if they understood that it restricted gender identity education.”

Who knows? People of moral character, including members of the LGBT community, opposed the mutilation of children’s bodies.

As RedState reported in May, HBO “Real Time” host Bill Maher — a self-proclaimed liberal who isn’t afraid to call out the left when he sees fit — has criticized so-called “transgender people,” prompting left-wing radicals to call for his expulsion.

Finally, an imperceptible “ex-trans” man in June sued over penis removal surgery and predicted a flood of similar lawsuits would follow.

bottom line

Contrary to the absurd narrative of the left that conservative America is “anti-gay,” my anecdotal experiences suggest that man could not be further from the truth. Many, if not most, conservatives believe that LGBs have the same basic right to love whomever they choose to love as the rest of us. But the blockers of puberty and the irreversible mutilation of young children have no place in a decent moral society.

The latter is no longer the “straightened” society’s belief, only – if ever it was.