Why Hallmark Christmas movies can be good for your mental health

Although Hallmark makes movies that make you happy all year round, there is just something special about their Christmas movies. In fact, many of Hallmark’s most popular films center around the holiday season. Sweet romance and perfect twists of fate can provide a relaxing retreat that can benefit your mental health.

So how, exactly, do Hallmark holiday movies help improve your mental health? Danielleurchi, who has a PhD in Psychology, broke it down Daily Elite. “Whenever we witness a character experiencing pain, happiness, loss, or any emotion, our brain recognizes it and we immediately begin to feel the same pain as if it were real,” she said.

This seems like a great excuse to cuddle up and watch some fun TV shows. urthermore, it can also be beneficial to get attached to certain fictional shows and characters, as this can help you boost your emotional side and aid in self-discovery. Who wouldn’t want to live a swoon-filled romance in the winter wonderland of Hallmark?

There may be drama in Hallmark Christmas movies, but it always gets resolved quickly and you always know there’s going to be a happy ending. “We can be drawn to easy solutions because our daily lives can have more questions than answers,” said therapist Katie Morton. HuffPost.