Why did Hailey Bieber have to give up her ballet career !

If you can’t figure out her attitude or overall agility, Hailey Bieber has trained as a dancer for years at the prestigious School of American Ballet Theater, per Elle. Her husband, Justin Bieber, once shared an adorable home video of little Hailey in the Nutcracker production. Another video that Hailey posted in 2016 showed the ballerina performing when she was older, full of graceful turns and graceful movements on a pointe.

But Hailey revealed to Vogue Australia in 2019 that she had to decide whether or not to continue her dancing career when she was 17, as she was attending the Miami City Ballet summer program at the time. “I had to decide if I was going to stay there and train for the rest of high school or if I’d go back to New York and try to make her a model instead,” Healy explained. “As a dancer, I got hurt a lot, and I didn’t know if I would be good enough to enter the company when I finished… I finally said to myself, ‘You know?’ I don’t feel like a miracle in this. “

Sadly, Hailey said she had to be “realistic,” because she knew it would be difficult to make her a professional dancer. But Hailey’s modeling decision definitely ended up making a gorgeous transition to the futuristic runway.

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