The fishing duo were stripped of their championship title as their catch was found stuffed with lead weights !

Two fishermen were caught cheating at a fishing tournament to make their catch look heavier by stuffing them with weights.

Chase Kominsky of Pennsylvania State and Jake Runyon of Ohio were participating in the Lake Erie Walleye Trail Championships at Gordon Park in Cleveland, Ohio onriday when they were caught red-handed.

Cominsky and Runyon’s hunting weighed about 33 pounds (15 kilograms) — nearly twice as much as their closest competitor.

Then tournament director Jasonisher decided to catch the fish, at which point the duo’s cheating was revealed.

Inside each fish were several balls of lead, deliberately designed to add pounds to the pair’s catch, thus securing the title and accompanying a $5,000 prize money.

“We have weights in the fish!” isher announced to the crowd who quickly became enraged.

Questions are now being asked about what other tournaments the duo has won in the past. They have already won several first place awards and earned a large amount of money at several LEWT events including the 2021 Championship.

The duo scored the highest fishing point in Lake Erieall Brawl last year and attempted to claim the $100,000 prize but were disqualified.

Chase Cominsky and Jake Runyon allegedly added weights to the fish in order to place it at the top of the leaderboard

After weighing their fish, the couple were asked to wait for the fish to be photographed

Suspicion was first raised in the final moments of the tournament when the fishermen’s catch had to be weighed as the five heaviest fish of the day were to be put on the scale.

There was anger from onlookers who demanded answers, and some threatened to call the police.

The duo allegedly stuffed things into the fish’s throat in order to increase their weight and improve their standing in the tournament.

Besides the lead weights, there were also fillets of other sliced ​​fish that were stuffed into the body of the catch, again to increase its weight.

The dramatic discovery was filmed and posted on social media. Runyon is asked in the video if he has anything to say to himself but remains silent the whole time

Chase Cominsky and Jake Runyon were stripped of their winning title after a tournament official discovered lead weights inside a fish they had caught.

Jake Runyon, from Ohio, could do nothing but stand in silence as the cheating was revealed.

Tournament director Jasonisher then decided to catch the fish at which point the duo’s cheating was revealed

Fisher showed those who collected the lead weights that were pushed into the fish

The other Hunters who gathered at the event were furious as the pair were revealed to be cheaters

The pair have now been called “cheaters” on the Lake Erie Walleye Trail Tournament’s officialacebook event page, and will be barred from all future tournaments.

“You disgusting guys and girls, I’m sorry I let you down for so long and I’m glad I found cheating happening in LEWT at the same time.

I can’t think enough to post the results, but congratulations to Tsczyko,rench, TOY Hendricks and Ulmer. The same goes for the yak and open winners. I hope you know by now that when I say “I built this LEWT and will defend its safety at all costs”, I mean it. “

There was immediate outrage from those gathered when the alleged cheating was revealed

In the world of competitive fishing, by adding weights to the fish, the total pounds of Cominsky and Runyon have increased and put them at the top of the leaderboard

Runyon continued to remain silent as another angry Hunter chased after him

At the time, the tournament director did not explain why one of the men failed the polygraph test.

Runyon protested saying how the fish were caught by following the rules and that they are innocent. He even secured legal counsel in an effort to sue their “winnings” according to Toledo Blade.

In another event, Ohio’s Rossford Walleye Roundup reports, Several competitors shared their suspicion that the pair fish “looks old” and may have been hidden before the event began.

After the event, the couple decided not to donate their catch to a local food bank as most other fishermen had set out to do so.

The organizers of these former tournaments may now consider options to take legal action against the spouse due to allegations of fraud and deceptive practices.