Have you married Michelle Moroni before? !

Michelle Moroni is currently single, but was married to Ruba Saadeh until 2018, according to E! News. Lebanon-born Saadeh appears to be in the fashion industry, judging by her Instagram feed, which is filled with haute couture dresses and moody selfies. Her Instagram bio confirms that she is designed for Elie Saab.

Before the divorce, she and Moroni welcomed children Marcos and Prado, whom Moroni loves. “My kids are seven and three years old, and they don’t know anything about life,” the actor told Elle India in 2021. They absorb everything you do and say. So, you have to be really careful.” Although Moroni and Saade have gone their separate ways, the Italian star continues to scramble for his kids. In 2019, he posted on Instagram and has along with the caption, “ho messo al mondo due vite” or “I brought two lives into the world.”

Moroni has also been vocal on Instagram about her divorce difficulties. After breaking up with Saadeh, he did a lot of soul-searching and sought a modest life in a small village. “I was very depressed after my wife’s divorce,” he wrote. I found a job as a gardener in a remote village of 1,000 people because I no longer had money in my pocket. But life is strange, when you are discouraged, fate puts the right train before you.”

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