Echo fanatic, 21, who poured human spice on Captain Sir Tom’s memorial could face criminal charges !

The environmental warrior who sparked outrage by spilling a bucket of human excrement on a monument to Captain Sir Tom Moore has been reported to the police.

Derbyshire police have been alerted to footage of former medical student Maddie Budd, 21, aiming to honor the beloved national hero.

A video of the adventure, done for lobby group End UK Private Jets, was passed to the police by the company that made the memorial AGCabrications.

Its managing director Austin Cox confirmed to MailOnline this morning: “We work with the police, we have a crime reference number.

We are after her and we hope that they will be tried. I can’t say more than that at the moment.

He had earlier tweeted publicly: “I am the one who dedicated the memorial to Thistley Meadow, and I would like to inform you that we will be prosecuting Maddie for vandalism, and will work with the police to ensure this is taken to the extent possible. ”

The video will be examined by experts who will decide whether the act exceeds the threshold of criminal damage.

Derbyshire Police said: ‘We have been informed that Captain Sir Tom Moore’s memorial at Thistle Meadow in Hatton has been defaced. Our officers are informed and inquiries are ongoing.

Ms Budd filmed herself pouring a can of feces and urine at the memorial to the late captain, who made international headlines in 2020 when he raised millions for charity in the lead up to his 100th birthday during the COVID-19 pandemic.

In a bizarre justification, she later made a video declaring: “People will say he’s a hero, people will say this is grossly disrespectful of his life, he defended the NHS and I agree.”

I was studying to be a doctor because I believe in taking care of people. If we believe the NHS is important, if we believe in taking care of each other, if we believe NHS workers are doing essential work, why are we forcing our healthcare system to collapse, why are we forcing our civilization to collapse, why fundamentally no one is taking this genocide of all humanity Seriously?

“It’s all true and the government won’t even end private jets in the UK, every time they take off you pour a bucket of blood** and blood on all that Captain Tom stands for”

The backlash against this law has been so intense that it has prompted threats to press charges against the police against an environmental fanatic.

Former medical student Maddie Budd, 21, filmed herself pouring a bucket of human excrement onto a memorial to Captain Sir Tom Moore in a protest against the use of private jets.

The vandalized memorial was in memory of Captain Sir Tom Moore, who made international headlines in 2020 when he raised money for charity in the lead up to his 100th birthday during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Ms. Budd attempted to justify her desecration of the memorial by claiming that “every time [private jet] You take off, pour a bucket of blood and blood over everything Captain Tom was representing”

Captain Tom started walking 100 lengths in his garden at the age of 99 in 2020, aiming to raise £1,000 for NHS charities by his 100th birthday on April 30.

However, thanks to his media appearances, his efforts captured the imagination of the nation and by his birthday he had amassed over £30 million. He was considered a national treasure by his death onebruary 2, 2021 after being caught by Covid.

Budd’s acts of sabotage against the beloved captain, who was awarded a flight award by the RAF, the British Army on his 100th birthday and even by the Queen, sparked an expected outrage from the public.

“How will this convince people to gain use of private jets?” One Twitter user wrote. The child seems to throw a disgusting tantrum and is beyond disrespectful. This kind of behavior will not convince anyone to make any changes.

Another wrote: “I wish you would be imprisoned for this. I don’t help your cause at all, if there is anything I am now against you and your cause. rankly disgusting you should distance yourself from this disgraceful behavior and not support it.

A third raised questions about why Mrs. Budd had stopped being a medical student.

‘Ex-medical student? What is it now or is this just too embarrassing to post.

Captain Sir Tom Moore thumbs up in celebration of his remarkable work raising funds for the NHS

A person claiming to have gifted the memorial said he would go after Ms. Budd for vandalism.

“We will work with the police to ensure this is done as much as possible.”

According to heracebook page, Ms Budd was arrested in September last year in London while protesting with doctors and healthcare professionals against Extinction Rebellion.

It is well known that emissions from flights are far worse than any other form of transportation, and private aircraft generally produce much greater emissions per passenger than commercial flights.

Several celebrities have been pulled over to use their private jets, with one of Kylie Jenner’s flights reportedly taking an offensive 17 minutes.

It is estimated that its short 17-minute flight would have resulted in emissions of a ton of carbon dioxide.

While not in itself a huge amount, it accounts for about a quarter of the average person’s total annual carbon footprint globally.

During the COP26 Climate Change Summit in Glasgow last year, there were a total of 76 private jet flights, or VIP flights, arriving in and around Glasgow in the four days leading up to 1 November.

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