Ted Cruz brilliantly mocks Biden’s warning about ‘rigging’ non-existent gas prices in the aftermath of the hurricane – RedState !

Joe Biden and the Democratic Party have been a target-rich environment for conservative political writers since the 2020 election campaign, and over the past 10 months or so, most of our articles have been written largely by themselves. or Texas Senator Ted Cruz, it was an easy walk in the park.

Biden is Biden, again wasting no time in rushing to warn of “gouging” in gas prices in the wake of the devastating Hurricane Ian. As far as I can tell, Biden had no evidence to back up his ridiculous warning. Then again, the old passerby never happened she has He had evidence, most recently blaming “price gouging” as one of his many excuses for out-of-control gas prices. Biden’s other “bogeyman causing gas prices” was Russian dictator Vladimir Putin, and the Republican Party hysterically.

Because Cruz is Cruz, he has easily criticized Biden and Democrats for blaming inflation, and especially gas price gouging, on everyone and everything but Biden’s disastrous presidency. Duringriday’s broadcast of “The Jay Benson Show” onox News Radio, Cruz took Cruz to the edge against lies and hypocrisy — in classic style. His relevant comments begin around the 6:10 mark.

It is largely self-made. Unfortunately, we now see a brazen demagogue. If you look at inflation, big inflation is always caused by one thing, which is the government spending too much money, borrowing too much money, and printing too much money. And when you have what we had last year and a half, which is trillions and trillions of dollars in a wild spending spree, the effect is what we see, inflation across the board.


Now the amazing thing is, Jay, Joe Biden campaigned, when he was campaigning for president, he campaigned promising to do exactly that, he said he would end offshore and onshore oil and gas drilling on federal lands, and he would shut it down.

Radical environmentalists promised that he would use executive orders and regulations to implement the Green New Deal and to expedite oil and gas production. This is a promise he keeps. It has hit oil and gas production, including, crucially, placing enormous new burdens on producers to obtain debt financing or equity financing.

Let’s go to CNN to objectively refute Ted’s remark. I’m just kidding; this is not possible.

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And he relies on dishonest corporate media to repeat his ridiculous lies that it was the local gas station owner who magically decided, you know, $5 a gallon is what I want to charge. Apparently, the bad big oil companies didn’t want to make a profit when Donald Trump was president. They didn’t want to make a profit when everyone else was president. They said that only when Joe Biden became president, hot damn, let’s make some money.

Ted Cruz: 1, Biden and Democrats: 0.inal score.

As I suggested above, Biden has blamed price gouging throughout his disastrous presidency, and record inflation — and not just gas prices — that has continued to anger tens of millions of Americans daily. As RedState reported in June, Biden claimed the shipping companies were “price gouging,” but his accusations have been contradicted before. the facts. As we reported in July, he blamed Republicans for inflation, and in July, too, he ridiculously threatened to use his emergency powers against oil companies.

Even economists at theederal Reserve destroyed Biden’s argument to “win the oil company” for high inflation.

bottom line

Biden and Democrats are eager to blame their own crises on everyone and everything but themselves, for one reason–make it two–simple reasons: the fast approaching midterms and the 2024 general election Ballot boxes.

But as Ted Cruz so clearly states, that ship has sailed — and with it, most likely, a Democratic House majority and perhaps a Senate majority.

The 2024 presidential election will be close at hand. You know what’s coming next, right?

Let’s not spoil it.