Long-serving worker, 66, wins age discrimination case after boss said he’d been around ‘as long as Pontius Pilate’!

A long-serving worker won a discrimination case after his boss said he was around “as long as Pontius Pilate.”

Managing Director Shirley Bellamy made the statement to Davidinch as they negotiated a settlement to leave her company, a court heard.


Worker Davidinch, 66, was offended when he was told he was as old as Pontius Pilate.credit: scientific

David, 66, found the comparison to the Roman who ordered the crucifixion of Jesus “offensive and humiliating.”

Ms. Bellamy also asked him if he would take an afternoon nap due to falling asleep at work due to various health conditions.

She suggested that the heart attack survivor move his leave because Covid could kill him.

David on his way to compensation after winning age and disability lawsuits against Clegg Gifford & Co.

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The East London hearing was told he had been a credit controller at the insurance broker’s office in Romford since he took over his former employer.

The court heard he was “obviously very good” at his job, but that his medication made him sleepy.

Amid concerns about using public transportation after the shutdown, the company sent him a redundant letter.

After an inquiry, Mrs. Bellamy—who had worked herself at Gifford Clegg for 48 years—e-mailed him, “We know you’ve been around since Pontius Pilate was.”

The panel said of Ms Bellamy: “She has a complete lack of equality or diversity in training.

“She can be a little bit thoughtless in how she expresses herself and at times, at least insensitive.”

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Davidinch won the discrimination case against former employers Clegg Gifford & Company.


Davidinch won the discrimination case against former employers Clegg Gifford & Company.attributed to him: