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The disappearance of Michelle Schofield led to the arrest by law enforcement of the person believed to be responsible.

When Michelle’s missing case developed into a murder investigation, the police arrested her husband, Leo Schofield.


The late Michelle Schofield was reported missing by her husband while her loved ones were trying to locate herCredit: ABC News

Who was Michelle Schofield?

Michelle Schofield was an 18-year-old Florida woman from Lakeland Township.

She worked at a local burger restaurant called Tom’s Restaurant and was married to Leo Schofield.

On February 24, 1987, Michelle disappeared and local authorities began searching for her whereabouts.

However, the day she disappeared was the last time anyone saw the young woman alive.

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What happened to Michelle?

On the Tuesday that Michelle disappeared, she was on her way home after a night at work.

When she didn’t meet her husband Leo about their plans that night, he alerted the police.

On Wednesday, February 25, Michelle’s orange Mazda hatchback was found unlocked on the side of the local highway.

On Friday, February 27, the dead woman’s body was found seven miles from where her car was found days earlier.

The autopsy report concluded that Michelle died after being stabbed 26 times and losing five pints of blood.

On June 24, 1988, Leo Schofield was arrested for the murder of his late wife.

At his trial, he disputed the allegations of a number of witnesses and claimed that he was with Michelle’s father at the time the murder is believed to have occurred.

However, an additional 21 personal witnesses spoke of the turbulent nature of the couple’s marriage.

Michelle's orange Mazda case prompted local police to suspect a fault


Michelle’s orange Mazda case prompted local police to suspect a faultCredit: Polk County Sheriff’s Office

Liu’s trial ended with him being found guilty of the first-degree murder of his late wife and he was sentenced to life in prison.

The circumstances surrounding Michelle’s murder case are retold in Episode 20/20.

How can I watch Michelle 20/20 episode?

Michelle’s death and Leo’s trial are revisited in ABC’s 20/20 episode Last Seen in Lakeland.

Scheduled to air on ABC, true crime fans can spot Last Seen in Lakeland at 9 p.m. EST.

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The episode features presenter Amy Robach sitting with Leo, his second wife, Chrissy, fellow journalist Gilbert King, and several other people involved in the investigation as Leo maintains his innocence over Michelle’s tragedy.

For those who missed the initial broadcast, viewers can watch Michelle’s episode by streaming it on Hulu.

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