Watch Putin’s drunk conscripts fight EACH OTHER & pass round vodka as they are loaded onto school buses as cannon fodder!

DRUNKEN Russian conscripts were filmed dazed, fighting, and sleeping as they packed into school buses amidst Vladimir Putin’s failed military mobilization.

Putin this week announced the partial mobilization of his country, with claims that at least 300,000 men could be registered on the front line in Ukraine.


Vlad’s drunken recruits were filmed fighting each other
A man is sent flying in the course of a quarrel


A man is sent flying in the course of a quarrel
A recruit removes his jacket in the middle of combat


A recruit removes his jacket in the middle of combat

But a video clip from inside Russia reveals that Vlad’s recruits may be far from ready for battle.

The mobilized men are expected to receive only two weeks of training before being shipped to Ukraine, compared to the minimum six months of training normally provided.

In one clip, apparently drunk men are seen fighting among themselves next to a bus taking them to a training camp.

A man in military fatigues tries to maintain order while the new recruits squash each other, at one point pushing the recruiter away.

Satellite images indicate that Putin is preparing an unlimited range of nuclear weapons
The protests erupted and the Russians fled due to the largest forced conscription since World War II

Supply chests appear next to the Brawlers group.

It is not clear where the clip was filmed.

A second extraordinary video clip shows a box of beer being handed around new recruits on a bus bound for a training camp.

An officer passes around a huge bottle of vodka to the recruits to be convinced.

Another video shows drunken soldiers wondering aloud where they are being taken as they stand next to a row of buses on a remote road in Russia.

One of the recruits insults in Russian: “What are we going? Where are we going? F*** knows!”

A third video shows several drunken conscripts at the Dolinsk Sokol Air Base on Sakhalin, Russia’s far east.

In the footage, which shows men driving through the airport, one conscript yells at himself while another sways, almost falling at one point.

The third is unable to stand and appears to have passed out on the lawn next to the airport.

Other photos show conscripts being escorted onto rickety yellow school buses due to the lack of military vehicles in Russia.

What are we going? where are we going? F*** knows!

Russian soldier

It comes as many Russian men search for ways to avoid conscription and prevent sending themselves to die in Ukraine.

The number of Russian dead in Ukraine is already believed to have exceeded 56,000, as well as tens of thousands of wounded soldiers.

Reports claim that Russian men are hastily marrying or registering as carers of elderly children in an effort to get out of the war.

Google searches for “how to break your arm at home” have skyrocketed in Russia since Putin’s announcement this week.

Meanwhile, there are huge barricades at the border and a rush to buy flights from Russia as the men try to overcome the cut-off point to leave the country.

The Russian military is notorious for its abhorrent rituals, including rape, torture, and robbery.

In eastern Russia, a drunken conscript shouts as he drives to a training camp


In eastern Russia, a drunken conscript shouts as he drives to a training camp
Another swings as he walks towards a waiting bus


Another swings as he walks towards a waiting bus
A third soldier is lying unconscious in the bush


A third soldier is lying unconscious in the bush

Military recruits are so badly needed by Russia, which has resulted in convicts in some of the country’s most notorious high security sanctions colonies being given their freedom in exchange for a fight.

One of the prisoners who took part in the war is said to be the notorious cannibal serial killer Igor Komarov, who was captured after he was decapitated from his car.

The infamous Wagner group, Putin’s private army, gives prisoners, including murderers and sex offenders, the opportunity to pardon if they take part in the war.

Its leader Yevgeny Prigozhin, the man known as “Putin’s chef,” was filmed telling inmates that in exchange for six months in Ukraine, they would be released.

But he warned that those who change their mind or try to escape will be immediately shot as fugitives.

Meanwhile, more than 1,000 protesters have been arrested in Russia after a series of rallies across the country against Putin’s mobilization orders.

Some of the detainees were reportedly handed their recruitment papers at the police station before being sent to training camps.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky told Russian forces that they had “options” if they wanted to survive.

In a direct appeal to Vlad’s forces on his Telegram page, Zelensky said: “Do you want more? No? Then protest. Fight, run away, or surrender to Ukrainian captivity.

“These are options for you to survive.”

He called Putin’s decision to mobilize 300,000 reservists as “a frank admission that their regular army, which had been prepared for decades to dominate a foreign country, did not withstand it and collapsed.”

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Another soldier admits he has no idea where to go


Another soldier admits he has no idea where to goCredit: Twitter
This comes in the wake of Putin's announcement of partial mobilization


This comes in the wake of Putin’s announcement of partial mobilizationCredit: AP
Huge queues set up on Russia's border of men desperate to escape


Huge queues set up on Russia’s border of men desperate to escapecredit: rex

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