UK Drag Race Season 4 memes premiere

It’s Black Peppa’s world and we all live in it

If there’s one thing that’s nearly as good as the return of RuPaul’s Drag Race UK to our screens, it’s a guarantee that Twitter will come together for a stream of tweets, memes and reactions in the same show quality – and when Season 4 comes back in our Lives last night, this year proved to be Not an exception.

The stunning premiere featured a cast that will leave jaws on the floor throughout the season – with the runway in particular being one of the highest standards for the first episode in a franchise storyline. Here are the best tweets, memes, and reactions to Season 4 of Drag Race UK!

1. The poor girls’ nipples were fighting for their lives

2. This is the funniest and truest thing I’ve seen looool

3. We’re all tweeting this from beyond the grave

4. Ru go back to Blobby School now

5. Obsessed with everything everywhere everywhere at once feelings blobby fingers

6. Girl are we going fashion week?

7. She missed a lot of tricks, let’s be real

8. Obsessed with Motosmintimami of Everything

9. Just a sober and sober pause

10. Amen! PS, Yshee is cast in the fifth season

11. Spit my coffee

12. It makes sense with my imagination

13. It was a perfect streak that I would give to Pixie

14. No, he’d be perfect alongside Rose Tyler

15. It was really disgusting

16. What an icon

17. Me Until Christmas

18. Really very cinema

19. Tots in all respects

20. I will watch

21. Back at seven in the evening you cowards, I’m old

22. Pure Cinema

Season 4 of RuPaul’s Drag Race UK continues on BBC Three and iPlayer every Thursday at 9pm. over here.

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