MTG Unfinity Main Event Horizon provides one-touch situational board scanning

Magic: The Gathering The latest addition to the -un series of combos is throwing players into an action-packed intergalactic carnival in space.

infinity The -un series continues, a group of groups led by game designer Mark Rosewater filled with quirky designs and humorous cards meant to be legal in any other formats. infinity It is a limited-focus collection that brings distinctive flair and goofiness to the silly space theme.

The main difference between infinity The previous combinations in the series are the eternal legal cards included. Gone are the old silver border treatment. Instead, all cards are with black borders like normal Charm cards. Legal cards in perpetual formats such as Legacy, Commander, Vintage, and Pauper will have a plain metallic paper stamp on the bottom of the card.

Illegal cards of any format will have an oak leaf stamp on the bottom of the card. These cards are only legal in incomplete Limited, but can be base 0 in leader games.

The Dot Esports Exclusive Preview Card from Wizards of the Coast is an adverb board scan that takes care of the first letter in the card’s name.

Main event horizon

Image via WotC
  • Mana value: 3WW
  • Type: magic
  • Rarity: rare
  • First ability: As an additional cost to cast this spell, choose A to M or N to Z.
  • Second ability: Destroy every creature whose name begins with a letter in the chosen range.

Main Event Horizon is a card with a basic shape that indicates descriptive aspects of the game. Some of the most interesting cards in the deck are those that play with card text or turn card art into a mechanic. infinity Packed with these types of cards and the main event horizon is another one.

This is a surprisingly effective conditional board scan, even if it’s an oak card. infinity Limited won’t be as dangerous as other combos, which means some cards will be pretty unbalanced and ineffective – but that’s part of the fun. There is no guarantee that this will clear the opponent’s battlefield.

In general, it would be better to choose the range that hits the most important goals. If you need stability, choose the range that destroys the most creatures. But if an opponent can solve his rare big legend, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to use Main Event Horizon to get rid of him.

Main Event Horizon is one of the oak cards in infinity That most of the Commander game collections you may not mind playing. It’s no more powerful as an on-board wipe than many other conditional pad wipes in the format. This card doesn’t drastically distort the rules of the game and will add a bit of power to your Commander games.

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