Modern Warfare 2 beta arrived on PC yesterday, and so did hackers

. Open Beta call of duty modern warfare 2 It made its way to PC and Xbox yesterday – and it looks like hackers have arrived, too.

Several social media posts such as TikTok appeared online, showing players to use the hack in beta. The videos include Wallhacks and aimbots, which turn the offending player into an unstoppable cheater.

Overall, Activision’s RICOCHET Anti-Cheat has done a solid job in curbing the majority of hackers in CoD’s world of the Internet. But some are clearly slipping through the cracks, and it’s frustrating to see on day one the new game is playable on PC.

X-Box The computer joined the group Play Station Players from last week’s exclusive beta yesterday. The PC version had a variety of issues including crashes, server instability, and various glitches and errors.

Fortunately, console players can avoid the majority of cheaters by turning off cross play in the game options, but this also limits the pool of players and prevents them from playing with any friend who might have the game on PC.

Last night, Infinity Ward rolled out a beta update with several weapon skins and sound tweaks. The trial expires on the afternoon of Tuesday, September 27.

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