Marilyn Monroe’s ‘last relative’ who shunned the limelight has changed her name after revealing all on aunt 10 years ago!

The last surviving relative Marilyn Monroe knew changed her name and spent the past decade living out of sight in a village for retirement.

Mona Ray Miracle, now Booth, is the daughter of the only sister of legendary actress, Bernice Baker Miracle.


In 2012, Mona Rae Miracle released a book about Marilyn with her mother, Berniece Baker Miraclecredit: Getty
Marilyn's photo was taken with Sister Bernie Baker Miracle


Marilyn’s photo was taken with Sister Bernie Baker MiracleCredit: Refer to the Sunday Times Picture Desk

It is the last true family relationship left to the legendary actress, who died in 1962 and whose life is portrayed in a new movie, Blonde, released this week.

The only known living relative is Francine Deer, 76, of Virginia, who only found out this year that she is related to Marilyn.

It came after a French film company matched her DNA through her grandfather – and Marilyn’s father – Charles Gifford.

He has always denied being a father to the star and refused to meet her.

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The US Sun can now reveal that Marilyn’s niece, Mona, 83, lives in a retired community, in Asheville, North Carolina.

They’ve been there since at least 2013 and have appeared multiple times in their annual report.

The US Sun has contacted Deerfield for comment.

We can also reveal that Mona has also changed her surname to Booth, according to records obtained by The US Sun.

It is unclear where her new family name came from and whether Mona has children.

But she did enjoy a close relationship with Marilyn, with the couple sharing an age gap of only 13 years.

In 2012, she released a book about Marilyn with her mother called “My Sister Marilyn: A Memoir of Marilyn Monroe”.

At the time of writing, Bernice was 92 years old, and died two years later.

The book told the story of their 25-year relationship as half-brothers after Marilyn grew up in an orphanage and nursing home.

The actress found out about Bernice when she was 12 years old.

Mona told The Mirror at the time of the book’s release that she and Marilyn had a close relationship and would dress up together and share jokes, and Marilyn would give her advice on the boys.

She would also be proud of gifts to Bernie and Mona – including her first wedding dress to childhood sweetheart Jimmy Dougherty – when she was just 16.

Mona said, “She was sending us packages of clothes she didn’t want anymore. What a thrill that was. We weren’t rich, but we had these cool costumes.”

“I still have [the wedding dress]. She was just beautiful, a white ballerina-length dress. We changed it into a party dress and I wore it on my first date when I was 14. “

After the book was released, Mona disappeared again once she came into the spotlight.

Her new home in Deerfield is said to offer a variety of services, with assisted living or independent living, to 630 residents across a 125-acre campus with prices starting at about $4,500 per month.

There is a swimming pool, arts and crafts studio, computer lab, gym, pottery studio with oven, hairdressers, and an array of cafés and bars.

Mona is an artist and writer, with another resident, writer Celia Miles, apparently commended for designing the front cover of two of her books.

In 2015, Mona donated to the “Art League” to the community, in 2016 to the “Resident Aide Fund”, and in 2020, to the “Woodshop Fund”.

It’s not clear where Mona got her money from, certainly not from Marilyn’s estate, as the great Hollywood fortune was only $800,000 when she died and only gave $10,000 to Bernice.

The main beneficiaries were New York-based psychiatrist Marilyn Kress and acting coach Lee Strasberg, who took 25 percent and 75 percent, respectively, of the intellectual property rights.

When Dr. Chris passed away in 1980, she left her share of the estate to the Anna Freud Center in London, which was set up for children with mental health problems.

Upon the death of Strasberg, his share went to his third wife, the Venezuelan actress Anna Mizrahi, with whom Marilyn met only once. She married Strasberg at the age of 28, when he was 66.

CMG Worldwide, a company that specializes in managing the estate of deceased celebrities, hired Monroe’s products to license and made millions.

“We’ve done hundreds and hundreds of programs with companies like Mercedes-Benz to Coca-Cola for perfume, apparel, gifts, collectibles, paper products, and things like that,” CMG CEO Mark Rossler told NPR.

Anna, also 83, sold The Estate of Marilyn Monroe LLC to Authentic Brands Group for $30 million in 2012.

They also own the rights to living and dead stars such as Muhammad Ali, Elvis Presley and Shaquille O’Neal.

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It’s now a ruthless business as Authentic Brands cracks down on anyone trying to use Marilyn’s image.

There have been 24 lawsuits since they took control, according to Baser, the governor, and four of them are currently active.

The legendary actress passed away in 1962


The legendary actress passed away in 1962credit: Getty
Medical staff remove Marilyn Monroe's body from her home


Medical staff remove Marilyn Monroe’s body from her homecredit: Getty
Written postcard from Marilyn Monroe, addressed to Mr and Mrs Paris Miracle, her half-sister Bernice and her husband


Written postcard from Marilyn Monroe, addressed to Mr and Mrs Paris Miracle, her half-sister Bernice and her husbandcredit: Getty

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