League fans think the 2022 World Championship anthem will sound a lot better with a single key tweak

On September 22, Riot Games finally revealed the long-awaited game league of legends The world championship anthem, “STAR WALKIN”, features Lil Nas X. As one of the most exciting hits to date, the song, unfortunately, fails to convey the uncompromising feel of the intense legendary competition that forces young icons to participate. Their energy and future are in this huge annual tournament that brings together the best of the best. But the brave Reddit warriors underlined, as usual, how the song failed to meet their expectations and went a step further with tweaking the 2022 anthem to get more excitement.

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redditor u/v-23just hours after the worldwide premiere of STAR WALKIN, a Posted on league subreddit He modified the anthem to make it more impressive. Instead of actually editing the anthem, they created a video featuring imagery from STAR WALKIN’ and sound from the beloved 2014 Worlds anthem “Warriors” by Imagine Dragons. According to them, this edit finally gives the National Anthem 2022 much-needed excitement to make the song meet hype expectations. And thousands clearly agree. The post already has 9,100 upvotes and it doesn’t seem to be slowing down either.

The reason for this modification lies in the community’s unwavering dedication to the warriors, which is not only one of the best world anthems ever composed, but also presents the hype fantasy that every anthem in the world has to make.

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