Joy Behar’s intense feelings about Trump’s latest lawsuit filed on air couldn’t be contained

Joy Behar had an unforgettable interaction with Donald Trump, infuriating the former president after claiming he was wearing a wig. e! News. Behar remembered how “really angry” he was and even sent a strongly worded letter punishing her. Trump’s legal team claimed he was “outraged”. The message also explained, “He’s not wearing a wig. She can come into the office and pull it on and see for herself that it won’t come off.”

Behar may find herself on the receiving end of another angry note after the latest episode of ‘The View’. comma She was reportedly very excited when she learned of the latest lawsuit against Trump. The TV icon pointed out how he “exaggerated everything”, including claiming that more people were constantly attending his gatherings – and most importantly, Trump presidential inauguration.

He’s going to prison and he’ll be like, ‘This cell is the biggest, the most beautiful cell I’ve ever been in,’ said Behar sarcastically. A 14,000-square-foot cell I’m in. How sensitive is Trump? his personal wealth. In fact, co-host Sunny Hostin thinks he’s more concerned about him getting hit than ending up “in a federal orange jumpsuit,” leading Behar to joke, “Orange is the new orange.”

Behar also admitted that she was “excited [before] And nothing came of it. Still there. So I try to calm down but…” before setting off in a full cry of joy.

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