Jevon Collaborates with Drake and Daniel Pemberton on Throwback Single – Rolling Stone

Song appears in the soundtrack for the upcoming movie Amsterdam

Jevon’s chest Bittersweet new single, “Time” via Not So Fast / Epic Records. The hum appears on the soundtrack for the upcoming David O. Russell movie AmsterdamStarring Christian Bale, John David Washington, Margot Robbie and Taylor Swift.

The track was written by Jevon, Drake and Daniel Pemberton, who also composed the film’s score. Pemberton and Jahan Sweet produced the emotionally engaged song.

“The depth of the record and its timeless feel, as well as the talented cast that starred in the film, immediately got me drawn to the film,” Jevon said in a statement. “I grew up listening and studying Frank Sinatra’s music, so I was excited to express my admiration while channeling the feel of this movie through this sound. Being a part of this incredible record gave me the opportunity to step out of my comfort zone.”

Drake added, “I loved working with this talented group and were honored to help create something special and original for this massive movie.”

“I’m glad I worked on a song with Drake and Jevon Amsterdam Not only because they are great artists but also because we created something that complements the entire musical journey of the film using both the themes from the piece as well as the words that speak to one of the main ideals behind the story,” Pemberton noted. “I am so excited for everyone to hear what we did.”

“Time” is the main song of Amsterdam Original picture for the soundtrack, on October 7. The film is shown in theaters on the same day.

Giveon is currently on tour to support his debut LP, give or takewhich declined during the summer. The trip continues in the United States and Canada through October.

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