iPhone 14 Pro cases tested !

While I’m not convinced that every iPhone needs a case, most people will want a case for their new iPhone 14 Pro. The good news is that there is plenty to choose from. I’ve tried over 50 iPhone 14 Pro cases to see which ones are worth considering and highlight them below. Everything mentioned has been used and evaluated in the flesh.

I wasn’t brave enough to do drop tests or investigate other dangerous situations with a new phone inside. You’ll need to trust the manufacturers for this aspect, I think. More than that, I was looking at the fit and finish as well as any interesting aspects of these cases. I’ve tried a few bad ones over the years, and getting a safe compatibility with items you’re satisfied with carrying isn’t as easy as it might seem. It is also key to experiencing a positive state. As always, the listed prices may fluctuate over time.


Mujjo’s Full Leather Case (left) provides MagSafe support, while a full leather wallet can hold up to three cards.
Tyler Hayes

Mujjo isn’t new to the iPhone Case game, but not too long ago, the company announced its renewed dedication to it. This year, the full leather case is compatible with MagSafe. Both models of Mujjo cases feature metal side buttons and a microfiber interior, adding a touch of style.

  • Full leather case for iPhone 14 Pro
  • Full leather case for iPhone 14 Pro

The full leather wallet case is great if you want to carry cards, but that’s not my style. However, the regular leather case is a great case for the iPhone 14 Pro – I love its fit and finish. It was easy to press the buttons accurately. The case had a wonderful feeling during her pregnancy.

buy in Mojju from $54.


iPhone 14 Pro cases
Smartish has several different iPhone 14 Pro cases this year, including Gripmunk (left) and Gripzilla.
Tyler Hayes

Smartish has plenty of options that may suit your specific needs, including those with wallets. My two favorite cases were Gripmunk and Gripzilla. Each of these edges have textured edges that make them less likely to slip out of your hand. I did notice that the inner fabric comes off a bit on the Gripmunk, but the outer casing and the overall case itself felt fine to use. Each of these also supports MagSafe.

buy in Smartish from $19.99.


iPhone 14 Pro cases
The modern leather Nomad (left) and sports bag (centre) join the addition of the Rugged Case this year.
Tyler Hayes

Nomad has several cases, including a sports bag, a modern leather bag, and a durable case. If you really want to carry the cards, there is also a leather folded version. Nomad is quickly establishing itself as the go-to place for quality non-Apple iPhone cases.

  • sports bag
  • modern leather bag
  • modern leather folio
  • rugged case

The sports bag is made of smooth hard plastic at the back and softer rubber on the sides. Although it is a fairly ordinary phone case, it has a lot of personality. Everyone who saw him was instantly attracted to him. Plus, this year’s Sports Bag has been improved over last year, with no more sharp edges. The Rugged Case is a new addition and is rated for 15-foot drops. It felt powerful without being bulky.

buy in Nomad from $39.95.


iPhone 14 Pro cases
The Incipio Grip Case (left) and AeroGrip for MagSafe both feature textured sides to help you keep a secure hold of your phone.
Tyler Hayes

I’ve always been fascinated by clear and transparent cases, but I’m usually not satisfied with some aspects of them. Incipio’s AeroGrip for MagSafe may be the exception. It has a recycled rubber feel along the perimeter and textured stripes on the left and right sides. It makes it easy to carry.

I was also fascinated by using Grip for a little X ‘On the sides to reduce the possibility of the phone slipping out of your hand. It’s a pity that the handle does not have a magnet to support the MagSafe.

buy in Incipio from $54.99.


iPhone 14 Pro cases
The Blox case from Case-Mate (left) takes a phone with rounded corners and gives it straight corners, while the Pelican Ranger Black case includes prongs to help it lie down.
Tyler Hayes

Case-Mate is the place to go if you want to give your phone a bold look. Take the case of Blox, for example. Even in plain matte black, its non-rounded corners instantly make the case stand out. I’m still not sure if I liked the style of the Blox bag myself, but I like the feel of its materials.

  • Bloks Matte Black
  • black ranger swans

Instead of putting a lip around the cam bumper as most cases, including Blox, do, the Pelican Ranger Black case places small pins in each corner of the back. This allows it to lie flat on a table and may help with 15-foot-high rated protection. This is Good Idea.

buy in Mate bag of $40.


iPhone 14 Pro cases
Speck’s Presidio2 Pro MagSafe Case (left) fits nicely and feels better, while the Presidio Perfect-Clear MagSafe case lets your phone’s color shine through.
Tyler Hayes

The Speck Presidio2 Pro MagSafe might just be the perfect iPhone case. It’s slim and rated for drop protection up to 13 feet and feels comfortable in your hand. There’s nothing flashy about it, but it gets all the details right. For example, the rubber button covers were easy to press, and the buzzer switch was accessible. The Presidio Perfect-Clear MagSafe case does not look exactly the same due to its transparent feature, but it is also worth looking into.

  • Presidio2 Pro MagSafe
  • Presidio Perfect-Clear MagSafe

buy in Speck from $49.95.


iPhone 14 Pro cases
Otterbox offers several different iPhone 14 Pro cases, including the Commuter Series (left), Defender Series XT Clear (center), and Symmetry Series Plus.
Tyler Hayes

Otterbox has always been known for its thick protective cases. However, in recent years it has tried to maintain the same protection while offering thinner, more attractive cases. All four cases I’ve tried below are marked Drop Plus, which the company says means “three times as many drops as the military standard (MIL-STD-810G 516.6).” What does that mean to you? These cases claim to be able to handle falls at any angle, back or face more than 75 times.

  • Defender Series XT Clear
  • passenger chain
  • symmetry series plus
  • Otter Plus Pop Symmetry Series

All of these cases are wireless charging compatible. I really liked the feel of the Commuter Series, but was disappointed that it doesn’t support MagSafe extensions. The rubber cover covering the Lightning port was a bit annoying as well. However, it fits all cases well. It was all fun. Rubber and plastic weren’t cheap.

The sleeve with Pop Socket built in was just right. If I were to add one to the back of my phone, I might opt ​​for this integrated case. Removable Pop Socket.

buy in Otterbox from $39.95.


iPhone 14 Pro cases
Casetify custom phone case allows you to change colors and add text.
Tyler Hayes

If you want more control over different parts of your phone case, Casetify offers a custom phone case for additional personalization. You can specify the type of protection you want with the color. You can also add eight letters of text and design the letters in different ways on the back of the box. The custom options are fun, and the case I tried felt very sturdy.

buy in Casetify from $68.


iPhone 14 Pro cases
The Totallee color case (left) and the clear case are ultra-thin and simple.
Tyler Hayes

It’s hard for companies to stand out when there are so many cases available, but Totallee has a couple of interesting cases. Both colored and transparent cases are designed to a minimum. The color case is a paper thin plastic while the transparent case is a slightly thicker TPU. No branding either way, and it’s so thin that it will work with MagSafe without the need for an additional magnet.

  • color status
  • transparent case

I really appreciate what Totallee strives for with its ultra slim cases. It protects your phone from getting junk mail when you place it on a counter or a random surface. For people who don’t want a case, but also don’t want their phone to get things everywhere, this is a great option. Don’t expect either of them to save your phone from drops, but they should keep them from scratches.

buy in Totallee for $39.

Urban Armor Gear

iPhone 14 Pro cases
Urban Armor Gear iPhone 14 Pro cases like the Plyo Series (left) and Civilian Series focus on protection.
Tyler Hayes

As the name suggests, Urban Armor Gear bags are all about protection. The Civilian Series is rated for protection from a height of 20 feet while both the Pleo and Lucent aircraft are rated at 16 feet. Realistically, this is like dropping your phone from a second floor balcony. I was impressed that the bags provided this level of protection without being bulky.

  • Civic Series
  • Plyo . series
  • garish

I didn’t care about protecting the volume button in the civilian case. It was difficult to squeeze reliably. The same design was used on the Plyo case, but the silicone material made pressing the buttons easier. The Lucent case has a thinner side area above the buttons so they are easier to feel and press down.

buy in Urban Armor Gear from $39.95.

i missed

iPhone 14 Pro cases
The Moft Snap Bag comes in three different colours.
Tyler Hayes

If you’re looking for a simple iPhone 14 Pro case, give Moft’s Snap a look. There’s nothing special about it, but that might be the point. While Moft is now getting into the issues, the company is mostly known for its MagSafe clever accessories like its mounting bracket and wallet. His accessories, of course, will work with his case, too. Personally, I like white with clear sides.

buy in Moft for $39.99.

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