How to get Meat in Potion Permit!

Potion Permit’s main focus, as implied by the game’s title, is brewing potions to aid the people of Moonbury, meaning that you’ll need ingredients to brew all of these potions from scratch. With that being said, after upgrading your personal abode to include a kitchen, you can use some of these ingredients in cooking yourself some hardy and restorative meals. Many of the most beneficial meals include some type of meat as an ingredient, which can be moderately difficult to find.

How to find Meat in Potion Permit

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Four unique types of meat can be found and gathered in Potion Permit. This ingredient category includes White Meat, Pink Meat, Tender Meat, and Juicy Meat. These four meats, each of different rarities, all have different sources of acquisition.

Tender Meat is the easiest to get your hands on. Rather than needing to hunt down exotic beasts or raise your own livestock for it, Tender Meat can simply be bought from the Farmhouse for as little as 8G. Complimenting its ease of access, Tender Meat is also used in the most recipes, from Meatballs to Meat Stew.

White Meat and Pink meat are potential rewards from fishing. Both can only be found at Fishing Spot #1, which is located right near Moonbury Park. While White Meat can virtually be caught right away, Pink Meat is much more difficult to hook, requiring a maxed fishing skill to accomplish.

Juicy Meat is by far the rarest and hardest meat to obtain on this list. It can only be earned as a drop from defeating the Koblin General, the bulky, shield-wielding canine enemy in the Barren Wasteland. Its broad size contributes greatly to the long range of its attacks, and its club can deal massive amounts of damage, making the fight required to get Juicy Meat difficult.

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