Horrifying moment family forced to watch on Ring doorbell as burglar raids home while elderly woman is ASLEEP in chair!

This is the terrifying moment when a family is forced to watch a thief break into their loved one’s home.

A prolific thief, John Donacke, entered the home of an elderly woman after looking out the window and seeing her sleeping on a chair.


A thief entered the pensioner’s home while she was sleeping a few feet awayCredit: Universal News & Sport
Prolific thief John Donkey, 57


Prolific thief John Donkey, 57Credit: Universal News & Sport

The woman’s family was alerted to the motion by the Ring doorbell and watched the event unfold when they called 999 – but when the officers arrived they couldn’t find Donakey.

Live CCTV footage shows Donaki climbing into a pensioner’s home in Cumbria and looking in the drawers a few meters away.

Donaki, 57, also wore black gloves and searched the bags and the woman’s bag, according to reports. Manchester Evening News.

The next day, residents told investigators that they saw an unusual vehicle in the area at the time of the crime.

Investigations were underway when investigators discovered the described car and saw Donkey getting out of it – and arrested him there and then.

Donaki, of Pixel Gardens in St Helens, was sentenced Thursday to nine counts of home burglary.

He was also convicted of one offense relating to going equipped for robbery which relates to incidents between 2018 and June of this year.

Detective Constable Karen Minion said: “Donaki is a prolific thief who had no problem entering properties without any regard for the occupants, and made excuses for his presence if you bothered him.

“After his arrest in June 2022, we were able to match his DNA to another burglary in 2020.

“We also looked at historical burglaries with similar circumstances from 2018 in Kendall and victims were able to identify Donkey as the person who entered their homes.”

DC Minion said everyone had a right to feel safe in their own home and said anyone who had committed similar crimes “will be found and brought to justice.”

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