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The Nashville native is releasing his new album hometown baby On October 28

Gaby Lee’s latest The song “Over You” has its origins in loss sting—specifically, when the Tennessee Titans fell heartbreakingly to the Cincinnati Bengals in the playoffs for the 2021-22 season.

“This in itself is a history of failures,” says a Nashville resident. “[But] She inspired me, between the sad moments of whiskey and the memories shared by my music director Alex Torres and his friend Scott Gunther.”

After hearing his co-workers share their stories and treat his wounds, Lee came home and wrote a song about heartbreak. Set in Three Quarters of the Time, it’s a sad poem about slowly reassembling pieces after they’ve been broken into bits, along with examining your turn in the wreck. Lee gave a lively vocal performance in which he lamented that “the rain has run out, and my faith is still not fulfilled.”

It’s a song that also serves to describe one’s relationship with a professional athlete’s franchise as romantic problems, ultimately ending up in a place where it is so hard-earned.

“[The song] It shows me as much of my shortcomings in faith and love as those of the other party—”I went and did it again, make my feelings weak,” he tells me. “I approach most of my life experiences with a positive outlook, but sometimes the punches keep coming, and it will strike heartbreak in any number of ways.”

‘Over You’ appears on Lee’s upcoming third album hometown baby, arriving October 28 via Torrez Music Group. The release follows Lee’s efforts for 2020 honky tonk hellwhich landed on Rolling Stone’s list of favorite countries and Americana releases of the year.

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