Does a dog die at Lowe’s? Jax Real or CGI?

Netflix’s ‘Lou’, directed by Anna Foerster, is about a woman isolated on a remote island. But when his neighbor’s daughter is suddenly kidnapped, Lou is forced to go on a search mission. In the process, the dark secrets of Lou’s past are revealed. During the search, Lou’s faithful companion, the dog Jax, is always by his side. As the story progresses, Lou faces a number of dangers. So it’s natural for viewers to wonder if Jax will die by the end. If you’re looking for answers about Jax’s fate and whether the dog is real or CGI, here’s everything you need to know! SPOILERS AHEAD!

Will the Dog Die?

Jax is Lou’s pet dog, who seems to be his only companion on the large property on Orcas Island. Lou doesn’t like people, but he has a close relationship with Jax. The dog is also loyal to Lou and enjoys his company. Lou regularly hunts deer to feed Jax. So it’s safe to say that Jax loves venison. After Lou’s neighbor Hannah reports her daughter missing, Lou plans a search mission. He hopes to use his military skills to track down Phillip and Hannah’s daughter, Vee, who is a kidnapper.

In the search, Jax leads the way and his sense of smell is crucial in the tracking process. Jax smells some of Vee’s belongings and is able to lead Lou and Hannah to Phillip and Vee. The group faces several obstacles during their search, but Jax continues to stand by Lou through it all. In the film’s climax, Lou is forced to fight Phillip and Jax helps create an opening for Hannah and Vee to escape. Despite the dangerous conditions, Jax manages to survive until the end. After Lou’s death, Jax is left in Hanna’s care. Therefore, viewers should be relieved to learn that the adorable dog is not dead.

Jax Real or CGI?

In modern filmmaking, CGI is often used to create animals for the complex movements they have to perform on screen. The technology allows producers to freely choreograph animal movements and create a fluid product without harming the real animals. Therefore, viewers must be wondering if Jax in “Lou” is also a CGI creation. However, since Jax doesn’t perform any complicated action sequences and is mostly a companion, there isn’t much need to create the dog using expensive CGI technology.

Instead, the producers resorted to using real dogs to play the character of Jax. Real-life dogs Ozzie and Jersey help bring Jax to life on screen. “Lou” is the acting debut for Ozzie and Jersey. The dogs appear to have been highly trained and performed the emotional and moving scenes involving Jax to great effect. In the film, Dar Therrien is shown as a trained animal trainer, presumably for Ozzie and Jersey playing Jax. Terrien is known for her work as an animal trainer on television shows such as ‘The Cleaning Lady’, ‘Yellow Jackets’ and ‘The Look’. After all, Jax is a real dog, and the real-life couple Ozzie and Jersey are behind the character’s live performance on screen.

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